Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Still waiting…

I am now on countdown until the BT engineer turns up and changes my life by installing Broadband.  The mobile internet service didn’t work out so well for me as I only had very sporadic connection which led to some extremely harsh words being said to my much loved laptop! Still, only six days to go now and I will be back up and running!

In the meantime it is amazing how much else you get done when you don’t have the internet to distract you.  I have been reading ferociously and so storing up plenty of books to review once I am back in the swing of things. I have also re-discovered the library (who knew you could just take books out for free?!).

After the trauma of moving house I am also back into my writing (thank God!).  I hate it when I am not writing – it kind of makes me feel like my day has been a waste if I’ve not written something.  I’ve also discovered that I find it very difficult to work if I am feeling unsettled and distracted.  I don’t really suffer from the dreaded ‘writer’s block’ as such, but if ever I find it hard to write it is because something else in my life isn’t quite right.

So in the meantime please be patient with me.  As soon as I have my broadband back up and running I will have another exciting project to let you know about.  For all of you who know Nicole over at Smart and Scary, keep your eyes open!

M. X

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