Sunday 21 February 2010

Back In Blighty!


I’m back!  Oh my God, I’m back!!!

Huge apologies for the lack of blogging/emails/any other kind of contact with anyone.  We have finally made the move back from Spain to England and with it has come the million different things that need organising – the number one thing being the phone line and internet connection.  After several conversations with British Telecom (civilised quickly degraded to shouting, which then turned to begging) and still no further on, I have finally resorted to the extremely expensive but unfortunately necessary pay-as-you go method in order to get internet connection.

For me not having internet is a bit like not having electricity or gas; it’s a bit of a necessity.

Anyway, we are finally back and it all feels a bit weird.  We are in a new city, though everything seems strangely familiar.  I have to admit it was lovely to wake up the other morning to find a clear blue sky and a scattering of snow on the ground. It has done nothing but rain in Spain for the past three months (I know!  Crazy –huh?).

Even so, always there is that nagging feeling of ‘have we done the right thing?’ I do worry that I am one of those people who is never happy wherever they are and is constantly looking for the next best thing without realising how good I’ve actually got it.  Maybe that is just a lesson I am slowly starting to learn…


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  1. Yaaaaaaay! Congrats you're back!!!! Just give yourself a few months to adjust to the new settings and concentrate on the day-to-day. Conscientious people always second-guess, but if you made the move, then it's the right thing :-)