Wednesday 23 January 2019

Welcome to Planet Athion!


Excerpt from 'Their Invasion: Darkest Skies, Book One.'

Aleandro stopped and turned to me. “I’m really happy you made it back here, Camille. I’ve been wanting to say that to you. I know we didn’t know each other too well before this all blew up, but the last forty-eight hours would have been a lot harder if you hadn’t been around.”
His words warmed me and made me forget about the other men. “Me, too, Aleandro. You always made arriving and leaving work that little bit more exciting.”
“Exciting, huh?” He’d leaned in toward me, and suddenly my heart beat harder.
I nodded. When I spoke, my voice was breathy. “Definitely.”
He closed the gap between us and brushed his lips softly against mine.
My chest hitched with surprise, though it wasn’t as though I hadn’t seen this coming. Aleandro and I had been flirting for some time now, and I guessed the usual rule of no fraternizing with the staff no longer applied. We could be facing the end of the world, and I wasn’t going to let some stupid little rule hold me back.
My eyes slipped shut, and eagerly, I opened my mouth to him and pressed myself closer. He was so big, just a wall of muscle I wanted to engulf myself in. Our tongues touched, and excitement fired through me. My nipples crinkled beneath my shirt, and I pushed my breasts against his wide chest, wanting the stimulation. I wrapped my hands around his neck, lacing my fingers in the short soft strands at his nape. His hands were around me, too, spanning my lower back and slipping lower to my ass. He held me tight as we kissed, and I ground up on him, feeling how he wanted me.
Both our breathing had quickened, and our kiss grew hungry.
I ran my hands down from his neck and across the bulky muscle of his back and shoulders. He felt so strong, and I wished I could tear off his shirt and run my tongue over every plane and curve. But we were in a corridor where someone might walk down at any minute, and it wasn’t as though we had bedrooms we could drag each other back to.
Aleandro broke the kiss. “God, Camille, I want you so bad.”
I was breathing heavily, my breasts rising and falling. “Me, too.” I looked around. “But we can’t…not here.”
“Come, this way.”
He took me by the hand and pulled me along the corridor. Before long, we reached a door with a security code pad on the outside. Aleandro quickly hit a number of buttons, and the pad turned green to let us inside. He pushed through the door, still holding my hand, and tugged me in with him. I took a moment to look around. We were in a room that contained a number of security screens, and I realized the views were of different places within the Observatory. The view switched, showing a different corridor, or a different room, and I wondered if the kiss we’d shared had been caught on camera.
But Aleandro didn’t give me the chance to ask. He turned to face me, and suddenly his hands were in my hair and his tongue was in my mouth. He stepped forward, pushing me back, and the rear of my thighs hit the desk behind. His hands left my hair and hooked under my thighs, lifting me to sit on the desk.
“Lie back,” he told me.
But he grabbed one of my feet and yanked off my sneaker before doing the same to the other one. With that done, he went straight to the button of my jeans, kissing me again, his teeth nipping my lower lip as he worked my zipper.
“Fuck,” he said, staring down at me with dark hunger in his eyes. “I’ve been thinking about how sweet your pussy must taste ever since I first saw you.”
I widened my eyes. “You have?”
“Absolutely.” His deep tone turned into a sexy growl. “You ever had a man eat you out, Camille? I mean, really eat you—none of that dainty licking shit.”
“I… I…”
But once again I was lost for words.