The Spirit Shifters

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The first book in a new paranormal romance shifter series! 

In a discreet government facility in Chicago, scientists are trying to unearth the truth behind a group of people who appear to have the ability to shift into the form of animals. 

Ensconced among the government officials, Blake Wolfcollar hides the truth of what he is, struggling between his desire to help those he’s a part of, while remaining undercover in his position ... 

The last thing Autumn Anderson expects upon starting her new job is the dangerous, sexy man whose touch seems to burn. But an accident unleashes a potential she never knew she held inside her, and Autumn and Blake find themselves on the run. 

As their feelings for one another grow, they must fight to preserve the secret that could see the end of them both...

Book two in The Spirit Shifters Series, only $0.99 on iBooksAmazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo!

In a shadowy industrial building in downtown Chicago, a shifter revolution is being plotted. 

Chogan Pallaton, wolf-shifter and self-appointed leader of the uprising, doesn’t want to admit to himself that he and his cousin might be in love with the same girl. He needs to stay sharp, fierce, ruthless, and his feelings for Autumn are muddying his focus... 

Autumn is a scientist, a woman who has lived her life based on facts. But her discovery of the existence of shifters, together with the possibility that her blood holds the key to their creation, has left her reeling. Though once safe in Blake Wolfcollar’s arms, a dangerous situation and unveiled secrets leaves her wondering if she can truly depend on him. 

With the government seeming to ignore riots and protests downtown, and as attacks on the shifters grow in frequency, Chogan and Autumn need to discover who they can trust and who will betray them... 
And when trust is broken, can it ever be mended?

Book three in The Spirit Shifters! Get it on iBooksAmazon, Barnes &Noble, and Kobo! 

Separated from everyone she loves, and faced with the possibility of spending the rest of her life as a human test sample, Autumn must decide who is friend and who is foe... 

Cousin shifters, Chogan and Blake, have an impossible situation to find their way out of. Feeling responsible for the trapped shifters, Chogan must hatch a plan, but the decisions he makes will mean the difference between life and death… 

With the government still intent on persecuting shifters, a leader must rise among them… 

Autumn's War, book four in The Spirit Shifters Series! Get it on iBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo!

Distraught by the news about the man she loves, Autumn finds herself a long way from home and in control of an army of shifters. With the ability to create more, she must figure out a way to drive the military from Chicago, and win the respect of the people.

But unexpected news throws both hope and danger in her way.

Will she discover Blake still alive, or will Vivian Winters do everything she can to destroy them all?

Avenging Autumn, book five in The Spirit Shifters Series! Get it on iBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo!

Reeling from the brutal death of her father, Autumn has only one thing on her mind – finding Vivian Winters and making her pay. But when her mission brings her into contact with Ollie Pritchard and The Company of Tooth and Claw, she has to figure out if they have their own agendas...

Wolf-shifter, Blake, is still trying to come to terms with his injuries and the fact he can no longer shift. When his father is able to guide him into the spirit world to connect with his wolf guide, Blake learns that things can go from bad to worse...

Can Autumn and Blake overcome their adversaries and find a future together, or will both man and spirits stand in their way?

Autumn's End, the sixth and final book in the series! Get it on iBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo!

Pregnant with Peter’s child, Mia is adjusting to life as a shifter. Filled with a hunger she seems unable to sate, and with the baby growing at an unnatural rate, she and Peter seek help.
An ancient brotherhood get heed the baby might be the first of its kind—a true genetic shifter—and they will do everything they can to stop more shifters being created, including getting rid of Mia.

Caught in an explosion downtown, Autumn has to figure out if she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, or if someone is out to kill her. When news of Mia comes through, both Autumn, Blake, and the others will stop at nothing to get her back, even if it means waging a battle between their own kind.

Will Mia and Peter’s baby be the start of a whole new legacy of shifters, or will lives be lost?

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