The Serenity Series

Alone, Book One in the 'Serenity' Series. Get it FREE on iBooks,  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo!

Caught in a violent and abusive relationship, Serenity thinks there is no escape. Then she meets a stranger, Sebastian, who shows her the possibility of a different future.

Only Sebastian has a dark secret; he is a vampire.

As Serenity’s life takes a terrifying turn, she finds herself drawn into a world she never knew existed; one of murder, love, and immortality. She is forced to confront her own weaknesses to save both her own life and that of the vampire she has come to love. But in the end all that matters is; can she find the strength to be Alone?

Buried, Book Two in the 'Serenity' Series. Get it for only $0.99 on iBooks, AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Kobo! .

Four years after the horrific murder of her husband, Serenity is living a new life and finally putting the terrifying events behind her. Though now a stronger person, her heart craves the vampire who gave her the strength to change her life.

Desperate to forget Serenity, Sebastian hides away in the underground tunnels of Goreme, Turkey, and has thrown himself into an existence of darkness and blood. 

But rumours are abound of something unnatural existing, something with the strength of a vampire but can walk in the light.

And a murderer is on the loose in Angeles Forest, someone who is killing with the ferocity of a beast. The killer is moving closer and closer to the city, searching for something... Serenity.   

Book Three in the 'Serenity' Series, Captured. Get it on iBooksAmazonBarnes & Noble, and Kobo!!

Living in Jackson’s cold embrace, Serenity no longer remembers who she is. Repeat feedings have left her a mere shell of a person and she has no recollections of her past life, though the sense that she isn’t alone often haunts her.

Back in Los Angeles, Sebastian has never given up hope of finding her again. Their daughter, Elizabeth, experiences visions of Serenity’s new existence and together they track her across the country.

But finding Serenity might prove to be the least of their problems. When Sebastian seeks the help of an older vampire, Demitrios, the family find themselves in the fight of their lives.

Dominion, Book Four in the 'Serenity' Series. Get it on iBooks, AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Kobo!

Since meeting Serenity eight years ago, vampire Sebastian Bandores’ whole existence has been about protecting his family. But when an unexpected question causes a rift between the unlikely couple, Sebastian finds himself with a dead body and no recollection of killing him.

Serenity sees something dark in Sebastian’s face and feels as though she’s being haunted, both by her inability to let go of her past and by things happening in the house. When Sebastian’s strengths start to fail him, the couple seek help from a friend they’re unsure they can trust.

As Sebastian loses his grip on the real world, Serenity fears they may be too late.

And after everything they’d been through during the past eight years, Sebastian never imagined he’d be the one who’d need saving.

Endless, the fifth and final book in the 'Serenity' Series. Get it on iBooks,   Amazon , Barnes & Noble, and Kobo! 

On the morning of her thirteenth birthday, half vampire Elizabeth Bandores wakes to find she's crossed the boundary between childhood and becoming a young woman. Not only that, the sunlight makes her head pound, and her hearing and sense of smell are suddenly sharper.

A horrifying incident makes her wonder if she's a girl or a monster, and the world around seems to agree as a terrifying storm erupts over Los Angeles.

Serenity has no idea how to handle her rapidly changing daughter, but she knows one thing; Elizabeth needs her father around.