Monday, 27 February 2012

Covers, covers, covers...

One of the first things I advise other writers to do if their book is not selling is change the cover. Today I've had to take my own advice. My novel, 'The Dark Road', simply hasn't been selling the way I hoped. Even with the book being offered in the KDP Select program and having well known authors posting about it, I've been lucky to get three or four sales a week.

I know my blurb is well-written, the formatting is good, and it's got great reviews, so I'm left with only one place to go, and that's to the cover.

First of all, let me just say that I really love the original cover. The artist captured exactly what I had in my head and I've had numerous compliments about it. However, in order for me to know if a different cover will make any difference to sales, I need to give something different a go.

I checked out some other horror/thriller titles and decided to go with something a little more traditional. So... here it is! *unveils new cover*

What do you think?

Friday, 24 February 2012

Epic Kindle Giveaway!

Some mornings you wake up with no idea of exciting things the day may hold.

Today has been one of those days for me as I've had the invitation to join the Epic Kindle Giveaway team with Scott Nicholson. I'm thrilled (and a little in awe that I'm being allowed to paddle in the pool with the big boys!) to be part of any team with these authors involved (click on their names to find out more about each of them):

So what's the epic kindle giveaway all about? Well, it's all about giving away great thriller, horror, mystery and suspense titles for the kindle. So, if you enjoy any of those genres (and by the fact you're on my page, I'm going to guess that you do!) make sure you follow the blogsite or head on over to the facebook page where you can stay informed about all the brand new titles that are popping up for FREE every day!

And if you don't have a kindle yet, you can download the 'kindle for pc.' app which is also free. That way, you can still make the most of all these free ebooks and when you get a kindle (notice I said, 'when' rather than 'if') your brand new, shiny kindle will automatically update with all the books you've been collecting.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Monday, 20 February 2012

May the Editing Commence!

I'm super excited today (and a little hung over, but that's a whole other story!). Today I've started on edits for the third book in my 'Serenity' series, 'Captured'. I'm hoping everything will go smoothly and no huge plot holes will leap up and bite me on the ass! I was really happy with how the book turned out in the end, so as long as nothing unexpected happens, I'm still on for the book to be released at the end of March.

Because I'm feeling motivated at the moment, I'm aiming to complete about two chapters a day. Of course, then the book will need another go over, and then will be sent to my editor, who will send it back, and I'll then send it back to her... You can see the pattern forming! As much as I'm enthusiastic about the book right now, I'm pretty sure I'll hate the sight of it by the end of March!

At the same time, I'm also working on my Young Adult novel, 'Enchanted', which is a spin off of the 'Serenity' series. Those of you who've read the books can probably guess which little lady I'm basing the new books around. I'm pretty sure her half-vampire genetics will lead to some interesting story-lines.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

L.J. Smith fired from writing The Vampire Diaries!

I read the original article for this over at Parafantasy and at first I was shocked. I love The Vampire Diaries and couldn't believe that Harper Collins has fired L.J. Smith from writing the books she's become famous for.

 However, when I looked into it, it seems L.J. Smith was employed to write the books by Harper Collins, she didn't actually come up with the idea herself (I may be wrong about this, so please, if I am, feel free to correct me.) She was employed to write the books 'for hire' which means she doesn't own a single word of the series. Same thing applies to her 'Secret Circle' series.

Basically L.J. Smith was no more than a contracted writer. Even though fans have come to love her work, Harper Collins has simply fired her and got in a new ghost writer.

It must be heartbreaking to know someone else is going to write the characters I'm sure she thinks of as her own. Creating a character is such a personal thing and I'd be amazed if a ghost writer can create the same books with the same voice.

This horrible situation has only done more to cement by belief that independent publishing is the way to go. Perhaps, if a big company offered me a disgusting amount of money, I'd happily hand over my books, but the whole thing just feels so cold, so cut-throat. Yes, it's business, but creating a book is a bit like childbirth; it's long and arduous, and often exhausting. To snatch the 'baby' away from it's 'mother' is simply wrong.

So what do you think? Are you a fan of the series? Will you still be watching the show or reading the books? Or are you an author; would you sell your series knowing that the publisher could fire you from writing it and get in someone new?