Sunday, 21 March 2010

Movie Time -- Deadline featuring Brittany Murphy (It's a ghost story, or is it?!)

I love a good ghost story. I also liked the late Brittany Murphy (she was so good in Clueless!), so when I saw she was in a thriller of a spectral nature, I rented it right away (well, I waited until my husband was home because it never does me any good to watch those movies if there's no one but me in the house at night!).

Brittany plays, Alice a writer (like me and Marissa!) whose under pressure to get a screenplay finished, but she's also got another major problem -- her abusive boyfriend just got out of jail, and may be headed to finish what he started with her.

Alice's roommate (and we later learn, her lover) Rebecca has to go out of town on a business trip, and Alice doesn't want to stay in their apartment alone for the weekend, all by her lonesome, especially with psycho-boy soon to be on the loose. So she does what any sensible person does -- she accepts an offer from the film's producer to stay in his secluded, out of the way, remote, old, creaky house. Where no one can hear you scream. Because when you've got a writer's imagination and you're trying to overcome a nervous breakdown and your ex-boyfriend may be coming after you, that's the best, most comforting place to stay, right?

Okay, so you've gotta suspend your disbelief on this one, but I actually liked Deadline. It had some good, creepy moments, and I always like watching Marc Blucas (Riley from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). This is one of those -- did she dream it, or was it real? movies, wherein Alice stumbles upon a mystery -- or does she? It appears that something bad went down in the house when it was inhabited by a couple (Blucas and Thora Birch) a few years ago, which helps Alice in terms of writing motivation, but does not help her mental state and her sanity in the least. Is the house haunted? Or is it just Alice's overactive imagination?

I'll leave it to you to decide, but do make sure you've got company for this one, as it does make you wonder and there are some creep-tastic moments!


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