Thursday, 11 March 2010

Supernatural blogging…

For hundreds, even thousands of years, in every culture known to man, there have been stories of the supernatural. Whether it be ghosts or demons, vampires or werewolves, even the existence of angels and a God, the supernatural has filled our lives.images

The topic had spawned some of our best loved writers and film makers.

What beats the thrill of feeling cold fingers down the spine, the tears of fear pricking the backs of the eyes? The possibility of a world existing just beyond our consciousness holds the promise of excitement, danger, and maybe even romance….

ACFY00DCAY5PCVNCA3B6QRICAYYSO39CA7LGGZMCA2QX9Y2CAPD4UK2CASN606VCAQAI31UCA043NFHCA6IATFMCA67J7GECAM9ANEPCASOOHQ7CAC49O86CATLM0BFCADUWCHOCA3NZRBXCA3LC3G6 Here we will be blogging about every aspect of the supernatural. From fiction to fact, if it has to do with the supernatural, we will be blogging about it. Both being writers ourselves we will also be featuring other writers who want to showcase their work, and of course, we will be keeping you informed about projects of our own.

Nicole Hadaway, author of the novel Release, has a few upcoming short stories and hopefully later this fall, the novel Return. She also blogs over at All Things Smart and Scary.

Marissa Farrar is the author of the vampire novel, Alone, and also has a second novel due out in May.

Marissa and Nicole are connected through Vamplit Publishing and wanted to bring together their love of vampires and the supernatural, providing sometimes the same, other times different perspectives on the amazingly popular paranormals.

We hope you'll join us for book reviews (Nicole is fond of pointing out that her review of the Anne Rice novel, Angel Time, was featured on Ms. Rice's own Facebook page -- but she promises to cut that out in about 2 months time ;-), movie reviews, features on upcoming novels, and authors.

Also join us for some great competitions and giveaways – starting next Friday with our huge True Blood giveaway. And the best part? Because we have a foot either side of the pond (so to speak) the competitions will be open to both the UK and the States!

Please feel free to leave us comments - we love to hear your thoughts!

Double trouble!


  1. Congratulations on the new blog and the collaboration! Can I can enter the competitions from Ireland? Good luck ladies!

  2. Hey Tina - thanks for stopping by! Yes, Ireland is fine for you to enter the competitions. All the best. X

  3. You forgot to mention Blood Ties :( but I guess Nicole has taken care of that. Are you aware of the series? Have Nicole been able to convert you at all? Can we? lol.

  4. Howdy, Marissa and Nicole!
    Great site, I want to join the Naked David Boreanaz Club lol.

    I'd love to be a contestant for contest. I just adore C. Harris' vamps, but I've never seen the HBO series. I've only heard that it's pretty good.

    Anyway, I'll be sure to give a link for this site wherever I can.

    Good luck!

  5. Hey Lorelei! Thanks for stopping by and for your enthusiasm! If you're into Contests, I'm currently holding one for Season 1 of Blood Ties DVDs over at my blog, All Things Smart and Scary.

    Thanks Conda!

    MaggieMay -- don't worry, they'll be plenty of Blood Ties (sorry, sometimes I get selfish with Henry and don't feel like sharing him -- sure you can understand... ;-)

  6. Yay for a new awesome supernatural blog!