Saturday 27 March 2010

We've Joined the iPhone Revolution!

First off, if you've not already done so, please check out Marissa's posting on a 'real life' werewolf -- the utterly heinous Peter Stubbe. A true, real-life monser -- ugh!

For the big news, Marissa and my novels are now available on iPhone! Yay! Just go to iTunes, then hit the Apps tab and do a search for our names, or you can use the Apps button located right on your iPhone to hunt us and our books down.

Look, I'm an old dog. I still use hairspray every day even though it went out in 1995, and I couldn't name one song off the Twilight soundtrack even if I were faced with a firing squad (I just haven't gotten around to listening to it -- can't put away my Lost Boys soundtrack ;-)

I was of the Old Guard that had to feel the paper in my hands and know that I could flip back and forth between the pages (in case I missed something earlier). It was with great trepidation that I purchased a novel for my iPhone -- White Wolf of Avalon by Eva Gordon -- and now I LOVE reading books on my iPhone! I don't have to worry about buying more bookshelves, killing trees, or lugging a book with me when I go to appointments, etc. -- I just take my phone and off I go! I'm currently finishing White Wolf, as I got sidetracked by Dance On Fire by James Garcia Jr. and then Vampire's Seduction by Raven Hart. I read Seduction entirely on the iPhone and thought the experience was great.

If you're worried about reading on a small screen, you can ajdust the size of the font and the colors to suit your eyes and tastes. Also, Kindle has an app just for iPhone, as well as Kobo (which features Vamplit titles).

Did I mention that e-books are fairly inexpensive, too? Less than $10 for most titles. Kobo features Eclipse for $4.99.

So, if you've got an iPhone and are looking do do more things with it ;-) -- then head to Apps and start downloading Release and Alone!


  1. Congratulations to both you and Marissa. I'm still on the sidelines, waiting to see whether I'm going to line up for the Ipad. I wanted a Kindle. I thought it was the best-looking out of all of the devices. At home we are all huge Itunes folks, so I was waiting to see what Apple was up to... Anyway, continued success and thanks for the mention. When "Return" has been completed and you have that glass of wine/cigar moment of peace and relaxation, I would love to hear your final thoughts on "Dance". Thanks...

  2. This isn't about publishing Nicole, but I thought I was the only person with the Lost Boys soundtrack.

    The Nook is looking quite good James Shellie has one now. All our books are going on ibookstore too.

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