Thursday 18 March 2010


So, what do you get when two vampire literature writers, one in England, the other in the US, team up to do a blog?

A giveaway on BOTH sides of the pond!

Our True Blood Season 1 DVD giveaway starts today!

First off, thanks to all our new followers, some of whom came over here from All Things Smart and Scary and the contest for Blood Ties over there -- congrats to the winner!

So, what draws us to these TV series?

Blood Ties: A hot, sexy vampire, a strong, smart female, and a cute police detective -- what more can I say? I'm not too into love triangles, but Blood Ties made it work really well -- I almost rooted for Mike at times ;-) Or maybe because I only wanted Henry all to myself! This series captivated me and captured my imagination -- it got me thinking into my own vampire protagonist's history (Henry Fitzroy, the vampire in the series, was based on the actual illegitimate son of Henry VIII), and thus Release was born.

Sadly, this series ended only after two short seasons. In order to get my Henry fix, I actually bought some of the books by Tanya Huff -- believe it or not, I'd never really read 'vampire fiction' before, other than Dracula or Interview With the Vampire! I loved the books, but I really enjoyed Ms. Huff's 'Smoke' series -- featuring Henry, but with Tony as the protagonist (instead of Vicki). I do encourage you to check them out if you haven't already!

So, onto True Blood. Marissa is a huge fan of both the HBO series and Charlaine Harris’s novels it seemed only fit that we get things going this week with a review and a competition.

Set in the deep south, the existence of vampires has been revealed. The Japanese have invented a type of synthetic blood which gives the vampires the option of ‘main-streaming’ (living alongside humans), without the need to feed on them.

Sookie Stackhouse is the female ‘heroine’. Twenty-five, blond, sexy, she can also kick-ass and, on top of that, she is a mind-reader. This makes it very difficult for her to date – imagine trying to having dinner with someone when you know all they are thinking about is what your boobs look like? So when she meets Bill and discovers that she cannot hear his thoughts she is thrilled. Except for one small problem; Bill is a vampire.

Sookie never goes through the whole ‘make me a vampire so I can spend the rest of eternity with you’ thing. She is confident with who she is and though she loves Bill, she also loves her life. This is refreshing in these days of angst-ridden, vampire-human relationships. But her involvement with Bill takes her into a whole new role she never imagined for herself. In the novels her ‘talent’ is used to help both vampires and humans, generally to find out who committed murders and disappearances.

True Blood, (both the series and the novels) is full of hot, dirty vampire sex, drugs (in the form of vampire blood), and plenty of rock-n-roll. These are vampires for grown-ups. At no point do the vampires go through the angst of who they are – instead they are more, ‘yeah, we’re vampires. Deal with it.’

The television series does the books proud. Although it follows different characters more closely than the books, it does stay true to the characters and most of the first novel. It involves a series of murders where Sookie’s sex-obsessed brother is implicated, but each of the murder victims also have vampire bites. The series has a great edgy feel to it and the music at the start of the show, Bad Things by Jace Everett, is fantastic - check out the post below.

The second series of True Blood has just started here in the UK (finally…), so what better way of catching up then by entering our competition.

And keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be giving away some of Charlaine Harris’s novels very soon!

So there you have it -- True Blood and Blood Ties: hot women, even hotter vamps, and some cute human guys thrown into the mix! What more could a girl ask for? ;-)

Today's contest question is: What would you prefer as a boyfriend/girlfriend (amended the question per Taliesin's suggestion ;-) -- a human, shape-shifter or werewolf -- and why?

Have fun!


  1. What would you prefer, a human, shape-shifter or werewolf boyfriend (or girlfriend) and why? - has a distinct lack of vampire girlfriend... why, of why?

    Clearly that option would have to be allowed if I am going to achieve unity with Santanica Pandemonium (Salma Hayek, From Dusk Till Dawn)... ok, she's pretty gnarly looking when the snake vampire thang is going on but my Salma obsession is pretty darn well documented!

    (Incidentally, don't put me in a DVD draw, as I already have the series on DVD and so it would seem silly to potentially win when someone else might be in desperate need of some Southern hospitality, Bill style)

  2. Obviously shape shifter would be most convenient because you'd have a nice guy to meet your parents and an animal when you wanted one...Except that he'd have to look like the glorious Rob Pattinson...

  3. Can we enter if we're in the U.S.? but idk...shapeshifter maybe. vampire, it would be weird if I grew older and they didn't and humans are fine but a shapeshifter is a bit more interesting. :)

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  4. YES -- open to US, CA, and UK residents!

  5. Well, I'd probably prefer a human for obvious reasons. But if I had to choose between the other two, shapeshifter. That way he would seem human part of the time so as not to scare off the family. I've never seen this series so I would love to win a copy.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  6. While a shapeshifter would be interesting. I would go with human. A lot less challenges to deal with.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  7. I think a shapeshifter is awesome because then you get to be supernatural and still be alive. Plus, the being able to fly and being able to hide in plain sight, awesome.

  8. If not a vampire, I choose a werewolf. The werewolves in K. Coles Lore are scottish, powerful and hot....yummy....Stacy


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