Sunday 15 August 2010

True Blood Interview

stephen_moyer_220x147 There’s a really cool interview with Stephen Moyer, who plays Bill in True Blood, over at the NZ Herald.  (I come across such things because my husband is a Kiwi).

It’s an entertaining read, with him talking about his engagement to Anna Paquin (who is a kiwi) and going down under to meet her family.

He says about doing the sex scenes; "the naked aspect is part and parcel of the show. And honestly, when I'm doing a sex scene, all I think about is the food I'm going to eat after the scene is finished.

"Everybody has to starve themselves so if they put the sex scene after lunch, it's a f***ing nightmare. Believe me, there's nothing exciting about doing those scenes."

He pauses. "Actually, I nearly came in naked today, with a cock sock on, just to make your day." Moyer is nothing if not entertaining!

Can’t wait for Season three to come to the UK!

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