Tuesday 17 August 2010

Curse of the ‘mummy-tummy’!

preg It’s now been five months since my youngest was born and I am still plagued by my bulging belly which still looks as though I am at least six months gone.

I swear nothing is as bad as fighting a post-baby body (yeah, okay, I know – world famine, flooding, rare and untreatable illnesses – but just humour me for a moment.)  I hate dieting – just hate it.  I get so much pleasure from food.  I love everything about it – shopping for food, cooking food, and of course eating it!  Then comes the alcohol consumption.  I know there is no way I will be slim and gorgeous if I keep drinking beer and consuming a couple of good sized glasses of wine in the evening.

So I am trying to diet, but bugger-all is happening.  Every time I step on the much hated scales I just want to open the fridge and eat everything inside it.  It sucks.  I know I am going to have to start running (which I also hate), but as I don’t have either the time or the money for a gym membership, it is my only option.

Of course I love my daughter more than anything and I would never swap one of my children for my pre-baby body, but it would still be nice to have the pert body of an eighteen year-old Swedish girl (not that I ever had that to start with!).  My husband drives me insane by complaining that he has put on a few pounds, and I have to do everything in my power to stop myself from grabbing him and screaming in his face like a maniac, ‘You think you’ve got problems!  Try growing another person and then get back to me!’

In the future, when I can afford it, I will be calling in the surgeons (probably will even have them on speed-dial), but until that time comes I am either going to have to suck it up (literally) and stick with the diet, or else accept I am going to be a good stone over-weight, eat and drink what I like, and embrace the baby-belly.

So today I am sending much love out there to all the other women battle body issues (and I am sure there are many).  We will probably never be happy with our bodies and will spend the rest of our lives fighting them! 


  1. Oh, Marissa. I'll tell you what, I'll run with you... There will be an ocean between us, of course.
    I'm 41 and weigh about 185. I started running a few years ago myself. Things would get in the way as they often do, so I had to stop. Last year I started running again, managing to lose 11 lbs. Everything was great. I'm like you, I think: I want to have my light beer and glass of wine or whatever, but I don't want it to show.
    Then I hurt my ankle. I had to quit running.
    I got the weight back.
    I'm running again...slowly...and it is so far, so good. I ran 2 miles today. Usually I run 3-5. If I can just get down to the mid 170's, I'll be happy.
    As for your doctor comments... Last year my wife had some moles removed from her face. Not exactly a tummy tuck. When she came shuffling around the corner after her plastic surgery, she looked at me with eyes that asked pleadingly, "Why did I do this again?". I just don't think it's worth it. The big surgeries require a ton of bed rest, etc.
    Hang in there champ!

  2. Now come on you only had the baby five months ago. You are not a celebrity who can have a personal trainer, a nanny and a chef to get back in shape at the click of a hat. They do the rest of us no favours at all. Having children is not easy and when you are tired all the time it is even more difficult to do the exercise and fight the flab but it will get better. For me I have stopped eating bread and cereal and that has made a big difference. I still have my nightly drink or two but the lack of carbs seems to help.