Sunday 22 August 2010

And Someone New!


Hi everyone!  Nicole and I are thrilled to announce that James Garcia Jr has agreed to join the Something Wicked team!  As author of the brilliant ‘Dance on Fire’, we are thrilled to have him on board.  Because he is a fellow Vamplit author, we also feel that we are ‘keeping it in the family’, with him helping out with reviews while Nicole is away (and hoping he’ll hang around long after she comes back!).

While I am here, has anyone got any opinions about the new look of the blog?  I liked it, but my husband simply said, ‘why have you got birds flying over it?’ (He is not a horror fan and the significance of birds went completely over his head!)

Any feedback would be much appreciated – good or bad!


  1. "The onset of these terrible headaches was usually marked by a phantom sound which only he could hear--it sounded like the distant cheeping of a thousand small birds. Sometimes he fancied he could almost see these birds, which he thought were sparrows..." "The Dark Half" by Stephen King.
    I like the look of the blog. I also like that I do not get headaches when I see these birds!
    Thanks for the royal welcome, Marissa. My thanks to Nicole, too. I'm sorry that she is not here to welcome me, but I look forward to her return.
    Nicole, I'm only keeping your seat warm...but when you do come back, can I have a place to sit down? ;)

  2. Welcome Jimmy! And I'll definitely make room for you at the table! I do miss it here, things are still crazy, but I still love all of you and hope to see you soon!

  3. PS -- love the birds on the blog, Marissa! Crows, ravens, cormorants -- all have been used to incredibly scary effect!

  4. Oh good, well I am glad you guys got it at least! I thought I might be whistling into the wind...

  5. The white type on black is hard to read. Just my two cents. I like the birds. Is it possible to change the black background to light gray or something?

    Welcome Jimmy!!