Wednesday 28 July 2010

Our novels in paperback!


We are very excited to announce that Vamplit publishing is releasing our novels in paperback!


Nicole’s novel, Release, is to be available imminently, and Marissa’s novel, Alone, will be available in paperback format this Autumn!

All of Vamplit titles are now going to be published in eBook and paperback, so the most choice is available for readers.  While some people swear by their eBooks readers, it is only natural for others to prefer to hold the actual book in their hands.

Also, as a writer, there is something more ‘real’ about seeing your work in print on paper.  To actually have your novel sitting on your shelf, amongst all of the other authors you have collected over the years is a dream finally realised.

Watch this space for our release dates!


  1. Fantastic news! I will immediately clear some shelf space in my library. ;)

  2. Thanks Gentlemen. Nicole has known for a while, but it's news for me so I had to blab!


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