Wednesday 21 July 2010

True Blood; Season Two

sookie-stackhouse-3 Finally I have finished watching season two of True Blood and I loved it just as much as the first one!  I was so pleased it was good, cause there is nothing worse than loving one series of a show, only for the second one to be lacking something.  This definitely not the case with True Blood.

I watched the DVD, so I pretty much watched all twelve episodes back to back. I think this is the best way of watching a decent series as you never miss one, or have to wait a whole week to find out what happens.  It’s a bit like watching a really long movie.  It has to be said that this is the one show where I never fast-forward through the opening credits – I love the Jace Everett song, Bad Things!

So season two has quite a few storylines running through it.

Sookie and Bill go to Dallas to find Eric’s maker, Godric.  They take with them Jessica, the newly turned vampire, who is not only a vampire, but also a teenage girl.  There is a tru really sweet storyline with her finding her first love, but also that she will forever be a virgin!

Jason Stackhouse, after his girlfriend dying, has turned to the Fellowship of the Sun church – an anti-vampire establishment who intend to use God to wage a war against the vampires.

trueblood But the main storyline is that of Maryann, a woman who has ‘be-friended’ Tara.  She takes over Sookie’s house (while she is away in Dallas) and the town all go to her parties which turn into violent orgies.  Maryann possesses most of the population of Bon Temps and they all have completely black ‘bug’ eyes. Maryann then uses them to catch Sam as she wants to sacrifice Sam so that her ‘god’ will come to her.  All just another day in Bon Temps!

There is lots of sex – LOTS of sex – in this season, even more so than the first, so if you are easily offended you probably won’t enjoy the show too much.  There is a good eric2 amount of humour in the show as well, mainly brought by Jason Stackhouse and Andy Belfleur.  All of the characters are fun (with the exception of Bill!). Lafayette, the short-order cook  and Tara’s cousin, is a brilliant character, and the queen of Louisiana vampire,  who is introduced towards the end of the show, is very funny.  I absolutely love any scenes with Eric in.  He has the sexy, bad-vampire thing down perfectly and I have to consciously keep my mouth shut to stop from drooling all over the floor.

My only problem was that I kept comparing the storyline’s to the books, trying to recognise what happens, and piece all of the different books together, but it didn’t really affect how I felt about the season.

I’m not sure I can wait for season three, so if any of my lovely friends State-side would like to pick me up a copy and post it over…;-)

Something Wicked 9/10.  A must see!


  1. Whilst vacationing at my mum's house -- whose got HBO, mind you -- I got to see the latest Season 3 ep the other night (and hey, Brit actor James Frain is in it, and he makes one hot vamp!). Just wanted to stop by and rub it in, Marissa! ;-P

  2. Can't wait. A friend of mine is *ahem* downloading the first two seasons for me. I'll hopefully be getting to watch the first two seasons.

    Oh, lots of SEX! Wow.