Wednesday 26 May 2010

Halfway there – hurrah!

Yay!  I’ve hit the halfway mark with my sequel to Alone, currently entitled Buried.

Of course there is no real way of knowing how long your novel is going to be, but most of mine seem to end up around the 80 – 100, 000 word mark so I settled for 90,000 as being a fair bet.

One day I would love to write a real epic.  Some of my favourite novels are epics (The Stand, and Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth).  I would love to write something that follows a huge multi-numbered cast over some life-altering journey, but I have absolutely no idea what it would be about just yet.  Also, I have no idea if a publisher would bother risking publishing such a huge novel.  However, even if it was never picked up, I think the pleasure gained from writing something that long would be worth it.  I’ve got the next few projects planned out, so I will just have to wait until inspiration hits me.

Other news is that fellow vamplit author James Garcia Jr got a great review for his novel Dance on Fire over at Taliesin meets the vampires. Taliesin loved the novel and even described some of James’s writing as ‘poetic’, which naturally I was quite jealous of!

You can find out more about the novel over at James Garcia Jr's blog.

And Nicole Hadaway is posting over at Write in the Shadows tomorrow.  There is still a huge five book competition going on over there for you guys State-side, so make sure you check out the contest page.



  1. Marissa, thank you so much for the mention.
    I'm happy to hear the sequel to "Alone" is well on its way. I loved the first one and really look forward to the next.
    Talk to you soon...

  2. Huge congrats on the progress, Marissa -- that is amazing!!!