Sunday 9 May 2010

Carriers (2009)- movie review


carriers Carriers differs from normal ‘end of the world because of a terrible disease’ movies because it starts after the epidemic has wiped out most of the population.  It follows a group of young twenty-something’s trying to reach an old beach resort where the two men (who are brothers) spent happy childhoods. They have rules to escape infection including avoiding populated areas, always wearing face masks when around the infected, and believing the infected are already dead.

It has a little known (unless you like Captain Kirk) cast; Chris Pine (Star-Trek) and Emily Van-Camp (Brothers and Sisters).

So far they have escaped the disease,  but as their journey across the desert brings them into contact with others, their commitment to each other and their own morality is tested.

Brian (Chris Pine) acts like a bit of an ass the whole way through the movie, putting himself and the others in danger, but the reason for his behaviour is justified somewhat when it is revealed what he went through during the pandemic.

It does bring up the question – what would you do for your own survival?  Would you kill strangers, friends, your own family?  I am sure most of us would say ‘never’, but in extreme times it can sometimes be a case of kill or be killed.

I don’t know if it is the effect ‘The Stand’ had on me at a young age, but I really like end of the world movies.  I like to see how the few survivors will manage and how the world’s infrastructure would break down.  I don’t feel that this movie really showed enough of the practicalities of their survival (apart from getting gas for their car).

It is not a ground breaking movie and there were some questionable choices the characters made. They also seemed to go the entire movie without having to worry about any food or drink (apart from alcohol).  Never-the-less, the movie gave an interesting insight into human behaviour and does make you question what you would do in the same situation.

Not a bad movie, I would rate it a Something Wicked 6/10

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  1. See,I'm just the opposite -- I'm not very into apocalyptic movies (except possibly humorous zombie movies, like Zombieland or Shaun of the Dead), but Chris Pine -- I may have to check it out. Now Star Trek, that's another story... ;-)