Thursday, 8 April 2010

Ryan Air Rant – don’t let them charge us a pound to pee! Please post!

AB8JMAJCAHOI33YCAT3FYGUCA152Y3DCA3A7P96CAK43IMBCAT06J5GCA8Q8WAQCAIEDY3CCA3WIJ4ICADH7PABCA6IPIXKCAZERY7OCAL21JLCCAZW78XFCASP0FF5CAAFRS3FCA1U8DPGCACFMPB1 Now I know I am going completely off of my normal topics with this one, but I just had to say something in the hope that if only one other person does something about it than it is a win for the people.

I heard on the news yesterday that the budget airline, Ryanair, are going ahead with plans to introduce coin operated toilets on their planes.  Not only that, but they are also reducing the number of toilets down from three to only one, so they can fit more seats on the plane!

This just seems like a step too far for the money grubbing airline.  While we all like to have cheap flights it feels like they are taking away a human right to be able to have access to a toilet when one is needed.  It’s fine for some one who is young and healthy – I’m sure they can keep their legs crossed during what are normally short-haul flights – but what about those that can’t, the elderly, pregnant women, and children?

Now a mother of two I know that when my daughter says she wants a AC6161LCAS0MI5HCANBLSSNCAT51P67CAPC0FAGCAH0037MCAW98EEACA2CAITVCA2OJNXJCAPLZLS9CASSJ3NHCAF7VJ9MCA2QK8VXCAN7SF7HCAKW7DACCANW941WCA4CJAI1CA74USDSCA2QOCA0 wee there is no way I can persuade her to hold on because I either haven’t got a pound, or because the queue is half-way up the aisle because there is only one toilet on board.  If Ryanair are so desperate for money I would rather they just added a couple of extra quid to the price of the flight than go ahead with these ridiculous plans.

I for one will not be flying with Ryanair while they have got these plans in place and I hope others will join me.  Let’s not let Ryanair literally force us to spend a penny!

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