Friday, 16 April 2010

Can you kidnap your own mother...? And other conspiracy theories.

Well it is the end of another week – and what a week!

It certainly hasn’t been the easiest for me.  At the start of the week I came down with a fever and was diagnosed with mastitis.  For any woman who has ever experienced this it is freaking painful and you feel like crap.  Certainly not what you need when you have a two week old baby to look after.  The doctor then put me on antibiotics and they made the baby sick. Wonderful.

All I can say is thank God for my mother.  Though she was due to fly back to Spain she changed her flight to look after me and rebooked her flight for this weekend.  Only now her kindness has been repaid by a huge cloud of volcanic ash grounding all aircraft in Northern Europe.

I don’t know if you guys in the US get any European news, but there has been a volcanic eruption under the ice in Iceland and the volcanic ash has now covered most of Europe.  We can’t actually see it as it is too high up, but it is very dangerous for aircraft as the silica in the ash will turn to glass in the jet engines and can bring them down!

On a non-practical side, the thought of this cloud of ash suspended above us doesn’t half get the imagination going.  Scenes from The Fog, and The Mist are running through my head, and while I am sure there is nothing any more sinister than silica in the ash, I can’t help thinking of other entities that could have been lying dormant beneath the ice. Hmmm… a possibility for a story I think.

Anyway, in the meantime my poor mother is stuck here.  While I would quite happily keep her here for good, my husband probably would have something else to say about it.  I also think my dad may never allow her on a plane again for fear that she will not come home, and everyone keeps accusing me of generating an illness and then somehow making a volcano a few thousand miles way erupt to keep her here.

Obviously that never happened, but I would still like the chance to say a huge thank you to my mum.  I think I would literally have lost my mind this week without her.

Thanks mum. XXX

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