Monday, 19 April 2010

Men who stare at goats???? What the F***!

THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS This weekend I made the mistake of allowing my husband to choose the movie.  Now it was only fair as I do tend to take over when it comes to making choices and I am particularly bad when it comes to movies.  It’s not that I don’t like anything other than horror movies, its just that I would always rather watch a good horror than anything else, so my poor husband has to sit through them all.

Anyway, the movie he chose was The Men Who Stare at Goats.  It has a good cast with Ewan McGregor and George Clooney (both fairly easy on the eye), Jeff Bridges, and Kevin Spacey (both good actors), but this is the only positive thing I have to say about the film.

It is based on a ‘true story’ about how the American army used a combination of paranormal and psychological techniques to create a hippy ‘new earth army’ during the Iraq war. Ewan McGregor plays a journalist who gets caught up with a ‘Jedi’(George Clooney) who is on a mission to rescue the founder of the new earth army (Jeff Bridges).THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS

The movie was so bad I can’t even be bothered to go into the boring, dire plot in any more depth (plot? what plot?).  Short to say it was a couple of men running around the desert with a bit of psychic LSD thrown in.  Oh yeah, and they stare at goats to stop their hearts.  I can’t tell you what happened right at the end as it was so dull we all packed up and went to bed before it finished.

So there you have it.  If you have been thinking about renting this movie DON’T DO IT!!!!  It will be an hour and a half of your life you will never get back again.



  1. Thanks for this review because I was going to rent it as I totally crust on Ewan McGregor and it seemed funny - now I know I'm better off re-watching Ginger Snaps ;-)

  2. This was a fantastic and hilarious movie. I have yet to see a bad film starring Kevin Spacey.

  3. Thanks Claire! I guess everyone has different tastes...