Tuesday 12 January 2010

An Ode to Kiefer..and the movie: Mirrors

 images2Oh Kiefer...How do I love thee...let me count the ways...

I think I have blogged before about my love of Kiefer Sutherland; from my first view of him in The Lost Boys (though I re-watched Lost Boys for the millionth time the other day and saw how bad his 'vampire' feet were which did put me off - I hate feet!), to Flatliners, to his current role as Jack Bauer in 24.

If anyone hasn't seen Flatliners it really is a great watch. There are some seriously creepy moments in it involving a dog (what is it with animals and children in scary movies - they just totally freak me out?)and has some great actors in it, including Julia Roberts. It is also an original storyline where a group of young doctors flat-line themselves in order to find out what death is like and bring back 'something' with them. Brilliant.

As for 24, well I have now officially lost seven whole days of my life images1 watching Jack (not that I mind, of course) and we were even considering Jack as a name for our baby - should it have been a boy. Of course my husband thought we would have been naming him Jack after his grandfather, but I’ll just let him think that…

Anyway, back to the movie, Mirrors.  In this movie Kiefer plays Ben, a burnt out cop-turned security guard who is put in charge of a huge burnt out department store.  Soon after starting the job (working night-shift only of course) he quickly starts seeing things in the mirrors.  With the statues and mannequins, and obligatory sudden pigeon fluttering out of the darkness, there is plenty of atmosphere and there are lots of jumpy moments in the movie. However, it is when the thing in the mirrors gets out of the department store and starts hunting down his family that the movie really gets scary.

There are some particularly gruesome moments in the movie and some really creepy moments as well, which I loved.  There is also a great twist at the end which really leaves you thinking.

This movie is much better than I thought it would be and I certainly won’t be spending too much time looking in the bathroom mirror tonight.

I just hope Kiefer hasn’t been too type-cast in his latest roles, as it is really difficult to believe in him as anyone other than Jack Bauer.

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