Monday 18 January 2010

Another review and all about me!


  Fellow Vamplit author James Garcia did a review of Alone this I5C6OCCA0V6SLECANHOJ72CA649ILSCAV24D12CAV1WJ9FCAXB4JN5CAHPHM0PCANGEENCCALKR3KUCAU0KV9XCAXQD71SCARFZ548CAZWQ50NCA5OZRKHCA2EZSUQCADPVZPHCA0H0OYHCA358ZQ3CAWJCFLFweekend and I am very happy to say that he liked it – hurrah!

Here is a bit of what he said:

‘If you're interested in a not-so strong female lead character who, over the course of gut-wrenching and terrifying circumstances, finds inner as well as outer strength, this is it. It has action, it has vampires and it has romance.’

James has his first novel ‘Dance on Fire’, out very soon and it sounds great. You can check out his official authors page on Facebook for a teaser and I will be posting a bit more info about it very soon.

In the meantime things here are kind of hectic. I have boxes everywhere and I don’t really know where to start.  With only four days until our removal van shows up I know I have to start packing very soon and stop procrastinating!

Rather than packing I thought I would do a quick bit so everyone could get to know me a bit better, so here are five things you probably didn’t know about me -

1.) Other than being a writer, I wanted to be a vet, and even worked in a veterinary clinic until I was twenty.

2.) I have a total phobia of daddy-long-legs (crane-flies for you non-Brits).

3.) I lived in Sydney for nearly a year.

4.) I love Siamese cats.

5.) I have four tattoos (though I will keep what and where they are a secret!).

And on that note that is enough about me…

….So what do you think about me…? LOL



  1. I just want to know when you found the time to be the walkie-talkie girl in Daybreakers? ;-P

  2. Ha-ha! Yeah, I saw that. Am obviously multi-talented...

  3. I'm guessing one of your tattoos is:

    Edward Cullen

    with a heart drawn around it!

  4. Na, its more Marissa and Bill 4EVA!!!!