Wednesday 20 January 2010


I’m a bit stuck for time at the moment, so I apologise for the brief blogs and I am afraid there may be some gaps in the next few weeks or so as the move back to England progresses.

I am swinging between moments of guilt and sheer panic about the move.  Guilt because of my daughter and taking her away from everything she knows, and panic because there just seems so much to do I cannot yet see how the next few weeks are going to come together.

The one thing that is keeping me sane is my ability to lose myself in my work.  At least I can escape for a few hours each evening in a world that doesn’t involve boxes, removal men, or small children crying wanting to know where all their toys have gone…

So I thought I would leave you with a little teaser of ‘Buried’, the sequel to Alone.’’  I don’t normally let anyone read any of my work until it is completed, but my world is far from normal at the moment, so what the hell!

I hope you enjoy it!


It woke to the feeling of drowning; of lungs being so full it was unable to take another breath. It woke to the feeling of claustrophobia, of being compressed on every side. It woke to the feelings of fear and panic.

Though its eyes were wide open it could see nothing. Its natural instinct was to take a breath, to feel its chest rise and fall, but despite its struggle, nothing was happening.

Yet it was still conscious; it was still awake.

Its mind was a blur – a mess of darkness and pain and anger. It had no idea who it was or what had happened. Only negative emotions filled it; fury, fear, and a desire for something so great it could not control it.

Something was very wrong.

It opened its mouth to roar its frustration and fear, only to find its mouth filling with dirt. The grainy taste of earth filled its mouth and it could feel the particles crunching between its teeth, clogging its throat.

Panic took hold and it fought against its confines, its tomb. It clawed and scratched, and pushed and fought until it felt something above give way.

With increased vigour it burst from its earthen tomb. Dirt flew upwards as though there had been an explosion beneath the ground, spattering all around in clods.

It sat up, the last of the earth falling from its body, and it blinked its eyes against the sudden light. For a few moments it just sat there, waiting for the burst of fire in front of its eyeballs to subside, waiting to adjust.

M. x

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