Tuesday 12 July 2011

Who'll Be My 100th Follower???

My writing life has been under going a lot of changes this past month. My novel, The Followers, has now been put aside (only for the moment) while I make some changes. Honestly, I've never worked as hard on a book as I have on this one, and I'll always listen to constructive criticism when it comes back from Beta Readers. Of course, you can never change everything people throw at you, but if it makes sense and more than one person had brought it up, then I think it's always best to listen. I'd hate to put a book out simply to hit a deadline and for that book to be less than perfect.

In other news, my other two novels, Alone and The Dark Road are also having a revamp. I've learnt a huge amount in the past two years and my writing has come along way (though I still have loads to learn!). Because of this, I couldn't help but feel that both books needed to be worked over again and they'll also both be launched with brand new covers.

While these changes are happening they'll be unavailable to buy. As I mentioned before, I want everything I have out to be nothing short of perfect. But watch this space, guys! They'll be better than ever and I'm super excited about seeing them all in paperback.

So... I'm up to 99 followers on my little old blog. Who will be number 100, I wonder??? Whoever you are, it's lovely to meet you!


  1. As an avid reader, well I am your mother but a stern critic as well, I loved the Followers and cannot wait for it to be in print but then I may have to. Everyone is a critic and rightly so but we all have books which we love and those which we hate and many in between. Some of the most well known authors out there have now become formulistic (is this a word?) but at the same time have still maintained that essence which have drawn you to them in the first place. Others which have become famous through their "first books" you wonder why. Different stories appeal to different people, something which you rave over leaves others cold but you must follow your path and I am certain success will follow.

  2. You'd better listen to your mother, M!!
    My friend, I don't know what you could possibly be correcting in "Alone". I thought it was fantastic, and I'm really not just saying that.
    Whatever you're up to, I wish you well and support you all the way.
    Much success and blessings to you, my friend.

    Your buddy,


  3. Your awesome - congratulations on you growing, maturing as a writer, and success, although I loved Alone and cannot imagine what changes you would make, but be sure I will check it out :)

  4. Marissa, I am sure you will produce something excellent.
    And Jimmy is quite right, one should listen to one's mother!
    You are a talented writer and you have my very best wishes!