Wednesday 13 July 2011

Having to reply to comments through new posts!

Not being able to comment on blogger anymore in really annoying (I've tried everything, even switched my email accounts, but no success) so I've decided to reply via new blog posts. Okay, it might end up reading slightly strange to new readers, but I hate not being able to respond and makes it look like I don't either read or appreciate your comments, which I do!

So, in response to yesterday's post; the changes I'm making to Alone don't involve any of the storyline or changes to character. The book will essentially be the same but I'm hoping by tightening up the writing, it will push the book from being good, to great. Readers probably won't even consciously notice the difference but the scenes should be more vivid, the action more immediate, the emotion in the book more powerful. They're small changes I hope will make the book even more readable.

I know you can't please everyone in this business and for the most part Alone has had great reviews, but I just feel my writing has come a long way in the last two years and I want my older work to live up to that standard. There are people in this industry who I've had the good fortune of meeting who have given me loads of advice and help. I trust their opinions and I know if I'm being told something (even if its a bit hard to take sometimes) for the most part its to help me grow as a writer.

Thanks for all your encouragement guys. I'm so glad so many people are enjoying my work!

Oh, and I meant to say thanks so much to Denise for becoming my 100th follower!


  1. It will be tough to improve on perfection!


  2. Marissa, I had the same trouble with blogger a month or so ago. If you have yet to do so, uncheck that box which keeps you signed in. Then just sign in like usual. It should now allow you to have all of your functionality back. *fingers crossed*


  3. Okay, I unchecked the box, Jimmy! Here goes...posting commment...

  4. Hurrah! It worked!!! Thank you so much!
    Off to spread the word now as I know a couple of other people who are dealing with the same issue.

    Thanks again Jimmy!

  5. I came and saw Jimmy's suggestion, and I'm trying it, see if that works.

    And YESSSSS!!! It worked. I don't know how you've figured thisout, Jimmy, but thank you. I'm going to post about this discovery later this weekend.


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