Sunday 24 July 2011

An unexpected break!

Our local beach in Spain!
This weekend my lovely parents have very kindly offered to fly both myself and my two girls out to Spain to visit them. Unfortunately, my poor husband will have to work, but he's planning on spending the week eating what he wants, watching whatever he wants on tv, and not having to get up at the weekend, so I don't think he's too upset.

So three weeks from now, I'll be jetting off to sunny Spain and escaping the crappy British weather, hurrah!

Of course now I know I'm going to be away for a week, I have to get organised, work-wise. Alone is now being filtered over to the editor and I'm hoping to have the rest of the book with her before I leave, which I think is do-able. On top of that, I have three short stories I need to finish; one for the Digital Digest blog and publication, one for an anthology, and another for the 'Just One Bite' competition over at AllRomanceeBooks (check out here for info).

So I'm going to be a busy bunny and I need to get focused. Alone is my top priority, but I have committed to the others as well and I hate to let people down. My short for 'Just One Bite' is pretty much done but does need to have a visit to an editor before submission. The continuation of 'The Body Farm' for Digital Digest is probably going to give me the most problems. I still need to schedule all my blog posts plus have the next installment due in by the 15thof next month, just before I leave.

On top of all this, the kids finish school next week so I'll be juggling work with looking after two under fives as well. Phew! So what's everyone else up to? Busy with work, chilling out with the kids, or (like most of us I expect) trying to juggle both!


  1. Looking forward to having our girls in the sunshine.

  2. Sounds great, Marissa. *waves to Glynis* Have a great time. In a few days my family and I will be heading to Monterey, Ca. Steinbeck fans will recall the area. Can't wait.


  3. Just had a thought............what about my siestas???

  4. Jimmy, no one deserves a break more than you. I don't know how you handle juggling writing with the hours you keep!

    Glynis, I think its my turn for siestas!

  5. Fun in the sun sounds great! Have fun, Marissa!


  6. Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time. Be safe and best wishes.

  7. Take me with you please!!I have 2 under 5`s to keep your children happy!

  8. Thanks for all the well wishes guys!

    Catherine, that sounds perfect. Its hard work keeping the little ones entertained but at least if they've got each other you're only left to break up the fights!