Thursday, 17 June 2010

Nicole's Top 10 Horror Movies!!

My dear blogmate Marissa posted her top 10 Horror movies earlier this week, and it got me thinking as to my own list, so I thought I'd post today about the movies that scare the bejeezus out of me ;-)  I had a bit of a time compiling the list -- what is "Horror" -- does it mean suspense, or should there be creatures in it?  Can slasher-killers fall in there, too?  I don't have the answers -- I just posted movies that I thought were good, creepy, and downright horrific to think about, and as with most of my stuff, the fall across the genres from creature features to psychological thrillers.

10)  Scream:  I like all three of these, but the first one, after I saw it in the movie theater -- I had to sleep with the lights and television on.  That initial scene with Drew Barrymore being stalked in her house -- not something you want to see if you're a single female living alone!!!

9)  The Uninvited (1944):  No, not the 2009 movie based upon a Japanese film -- I'm talking about the Ray Milland version.  Yes, it's black-and-white, but set by the seaside and a huge cliff -- there are some creepy moments in it!  Plus, I love how Martha Grimes incorporated it into her novel, The Lamorna Wink.

8)  Aliens:  My mom and I saw this movie, like, 14 times in the theater we loved it so much.  Kick-ass heroine, marines, a little-girl-in-trouble, and the mother of all monsters -- awesome!!

7)  Jaws:  This movie doesn't scare me as much anymore, but back when I was 5 I had constant nightmares about sharks.  I still hate having them in dreams, and I cannot look at this movie poster without my palms sweating.  Notice I'm not posting it here!

6)  Halloween (1978 version):  Yes, it's an oldie.  But it's a classic, and it still makes me think twice about being home alone.

5)  John Carpenter's The Thing:  a bunch of guys stranded in the Antarctic, one of whom is Kurt Russell, trying to figure out who's the alien.  I watch it ever time it's on, saying "Oh Goodie!  The Thing is on!!".

4)  Psycho (1960):  No list would be complete without the master of suspense, Hitchcock.  I still jump when he turns Mother around in her chair!

3)  The Blair Witch Project:  yeah, it was gimmicky and ran its course, but when I saw it in the theater -- I woke up in the middle of the night and had to go sleep in with my mom.  And I was like 25 at the time!!  Spooky!!

2.5)  Yes, I'm cheating and including The Howling because that scene when the lady is looking through the filing cabinet still makes me jump to this very day.

2)  The Exorcist:  Marissa listed this one, and our WITS co-blogger Boone Brux talked about it yesterday -- I've only ever seen this movie one time because it's just so damn creepy/scary with the images (as well as when she stabs herself with the crucifix).  However, I am very much enjoying the painting I won by Scare Sarah featuring the poster image, and Father Karras (Jason Miller) lived for a long time in Scranton, PA, which is near the town in which I grew up (I once dated a guy whose aunt dated Miller!).

1)  The Haunting (1963):  based upon Shirley Jackson's novel, The Haunting of Hill House (some of you are probably more familiar with her short story, The Lottery), this is hands-down my all-time favorite scary movie.  There's no special effects, no creatures, no slashers -- we never even see the evil entity -- and that's what makes it so damn brilliant.  It's all shadows and camera angles, and most importantly -- plot and acting (hey, remember those??!!).  Watch it with the lights off and then ask yourself -- "Who's hand was I holding???!!!!"  (Hint:  DO NOT RENT the 1998 version -- it's got good actors but the plot isn't good).


  1. great stuff! very good selections.
    I agree particularly about Alien and the Exorcist. Although the others were too.
    Not Blair Witch for me though
    btw have you seen Paranormal Activity? very good! especially the end!

  2. Good list. The Haunting and The Thing are two faves of mine.

  3. Fabulous list! What a lot of classics. I've never seen The Haunting so I will have to add it to my 'to-see' list. I totally agree with you on that the scariest things are done with atmosphere and shadows. Horror doesn't need a lot of gore if it is done right.

  4. I agree with your list--only I'd put the Haunting at the top, for me.

  5. Hello Carole -- I want to see Paranormal Activity but I've heard it's gotten mixed reviews. I've also heard great things about the Australian movie Lake Mungo.

    Conda -- I did my list in reverse order starting with #10, so The Haunting is tops!!

  6. Scariest one for me on this list is The Thing. That was a shocker!

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  8. like Chris Pratt (Superman) and Shaq (Shaq) but also gives a wink and a nod to the adults sitting in the room who played with LEGO sets long discontinued,