Sunday 27 June 2010

Infestation (2009)– a modern day creature feature!

infestat I love it when a movie surprises me!

I sat down to watch Infestation with very low expectations.

Infestation is about a young man (Cooper) who seems like a bit of a no-hoper.  He fights with his Dad about not having a career, and mucks around when he does go to work.  We also find out that he lost his mum a month earlier.  He is about to be fired by his boss when there is a blinding flash of light and he wakes up to find himself and everyone else covered in a white cocoon-like material.  He is then attacked by a giant bug, but manages to kill it. 

At this point I thought ‘oh-no, this is going to be as bad as I thought it would be,’ but then, surprisingly, it picked up.  Cooper then wakes up an assortment of random other people and together they try to find their loved ones and just simply stay alive.  But when the ‘love-interest’ is taken, Cooper then decides he must go to the insect’s nest to save her.

I am not a big fan of ‘giant insect movies’ and I thought this was going to be a terrible film.  I started watching it expecting it to be a serious horror, but it’s not at all.  If anything it’s a black-comedy, up there with Shawn of The Dead and The Cottage.  There were some moments I actually had tears in my eyes from laughing.  Some of the people become spider-hybrids and the graphics are surprisingly good.

It isn’t an original idea, but the acting isn’t half-bad, and the funny moments in it really are funny.  If you’re up for something that doesn’t take itself seriously then I would definitely recommend it.  Much better than some of these high-budget remakes that are out at the moment.  7/10

Also, I’ve still not heard from the winner of my 30 Seconds to Mars Contest – So Christi, if you’re out there, can you either email me or leave me a comment, else I will have to forfeit your prize to one of the other entries!


  1. Better than Alice in Wonderland! Even with Johnny Depp.

  2. That sounds like a movie I have to see now. Thanks. Have you seen the movie PONTYPOOL? It spins the zombie genre on its ear intelligently in a way that is truly unique.

    The trailer for it is on this post of mine :

  3. Thanks Roland - I will check it out now!

  4. I was thinking about watching this movie! I'll def give it a go now.

  5. Love horror movies! They're my fav! Can't do bugs man. Nope! No go! Freak me out! Gross!

  6. I remember watching Arachnophobia in the movie theater and I had to keep brushing at my legs and shoulders because any little tingle and I thought bugs were crawling on me!! I love dark horror/comedy blends and Shaun of the Dead is one of my favorites -- I'll have to give this a go.