Monday 21 December 2009

Short stories and upcoming projects..

First I wanted to let everyone know that Nicole Hadaway is publishing one of my short stories, The Visitor, in installments over on her blog starting today I don't write many short stories, partly because the time I have to write mainly gets dedicated to longer projects, but also because I never quite know what to do with them. I am very grateful to Nicole (as ever) for giving this one a home and I hope that everyone enjoys it.

A second bit of info about me is that I have just signed a contract to have my second novel published in paperback in May. The novel is called The Dark Road and the idea for it was born when I did the same journey as the characters in my novel while backpacking in Southeast Asia. There is a lot of work to be done before May, but I thought I would give a bit of a blurb so you all know what is coming...

When Sasha arrives in Bangkok her main concern is getting to Siem Reap, Cambodia, where her fiance is teaching children. He has already given her an ultimatum and she is desperate to reach him before he leaves, ending their relationship. She boards the bus in Bangkok to find herself in the company of ten other travellers and she settles into her seat with mixed feelings about seeing her fiance again.
But as night falls, a lightning storm like none of them have ever seen before descends upon the group. The treacherous road conditions, rickety bridges, and constant warnings of landmines make for a daunting journey. Then one of them vanishes off of the side of the road, and the travellers quickly come to realise that they may not make it to Siem Reap alive.
This is a glimpse into the powers of Cambodian temples, gods and curses; an insight into a different existence. But will the travellers survive until daybreak or will an ancient curse be reborn?

I am really excited at the prospect of seeing my work in print and that combined with writing the sequel to Alone - which has now been christened with the title 'Buried' - means I am going to be a busy little bee. Not that I mind of course. After years of dreaming of being a writer I finally feel like the dream is coming true...


  1. Congratulations Marissa on your writing endeavors. Your book sounds very interesting – there are many natural, and not so natural, fears to exploit in the travels through strange or unfamiliar lands.

  2. Congrats so much on getting The Dark published! What a great Christmas present!

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments ladies - much appreciated! X