Monday 28 December 2009

Post Chrimbo..

Well it's all over and we had a lovely, if quiet, time. The best present we had was opening our little envelope on Christmas morning, the one that held the sex of our unborn child, and found out that we are having another girl! I can't believe I am going to have two daughters! For some reason I had convinced myself that it was going to be a boy, but then I did exactly the same with my first and was obviously wrong, so it shows what I know! So much for a mothers intuition...

Present-wise my darling hubby bought me 'Eclipse'. Now I haven't read 'New Moon' and I am wondering if I should try to read that first? Would it ruin it for me to read them out of order? As soon as I have read it I will be sure to let everyone know what I think!

I have managed to get a few thousand words for 'Alone's' sequel, 'Buried', done over the holidays as well, which I am really pleased with. It has been strange writing a sequel as I have never done it before and it has taken me a while to figure out where I am going to come back into my characters lives again. I have done a lot of cutting and pasting, but I think I am now into the swing of it!


  1. Congrats on having another girl! I know it's nice to have one of each kind, but I always thought two of a kind is really special, too.

    Sequels can be daunting -- you've got the first book to 'live up' to, and then you've also got to develop the characters in believable directions. I'm just getting the story down for Return, my sequel, but I know I'll have to go back and cut and revise -- which is fine, I'm just happy that it's really taking shape, and I've got a better idea where I'm going with it than when I started. Good luck with yours!

  2. Ah, a new baby girl, that's lovley!

    You probably should read the books in order!? The last one might be my favourite.

    Good luck on your next book, I take my hat off to you!

  3. Thanks for the advice ladies! Yes, another girl will be lovely - I always wanted a sister so I am so pleased both my girls will have one!