Monday 14 December 2009

About writing.


I wanted to write a quick bit on how I feel about writing; how I do it, why I do it, and just generally what I love about it.

Before I was published I found it embarrassing to talk about my work. I felt like an imposter and, to be honest, a bit of a freak.  To say to anyone ‘oh I’m writing a novel’ not only felt like I was showing off, but also that I was one of those people who was always ‘writing a book’, but never quite managed to finish it.  Then when they ask me what I write (always expecting me to say chicklit) and I tell them horror, they never know quite what to say!

In truth I write all of the time.  When I’m not actually sitting at my computer I carry a note book around with me (you never know when you are going to get ten minutes waiting in a doctors surgery or get stuck on public transport).  If I’m not actually writing then I’m thinking about writing – literally from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to sleep. I even have this annoying habit of translating what I see around me into how I would describe it if I were writing it – only in my head, of course! I think anything else would make me truly unbearable to my long suffering family.

I also like to write to music – the darker the better.  When I’m writing a novel I can’t help imagining it as a movie and putting my own soundtrack to it.  30 seconds to mars is one of my current favourites! If you don’t know the band have a listen..


I think writing to music adds depth to what I am writing. It definitely helps take me to whatever dark world I am currently inhabiting. I think music is just another form of escapism; a way of blocking out the real world.  It does make me wonder though why I have always been so keen to escape real life? Its not like I don’t have a good life! I don’t know…maybe I would just like it if life was a bit more exciting sometimes. After all, there is nothing wrong with wishing there was a bit more dark romance in life, is there?



  1. Hi Marissa :)
    Thank you for the great post.
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  2. Hi RK - Great to see you here! Thanks for following!!! Marissa.