Sunday 18 December 2011

Day Six of Creepfest! It's 6-6-6 for the Creeptacular Red Tash!

Today I'd like to welcome Red Tash! She's the author of the highly rated fantasy/mystery novel, 'This Brilliant Darkness' (and no, the title isn't just her bigging contents of the book!). She's answered a couple of Christmassy questions for me!

M.F. What's the worst present you've ever received?

R.T. The worst present I ever received was a Thighmaster-sorta gadget, from my first husband.  Yep, he didn't stay my husband for long after that.

M.F. Lol. I can understand why! What is your least favourite Christmas food?

R.T.  Eggnog is the worst!  Who invented that?

M.F. I can honestly say I've never tasted Eggnog. I guess I'm not missing out on much. Final question; what would you do if you woke up and actually found a fat man dressed in red at the end of your bed?

R.T.  If I woke up to find a fat man dressed in red at the bottom of my bed, I would ask my husband to please stop sleeping at the bottom of the bed!  ;)  Seriously, though, I am pretty sure Santa Claus does exist, so I think once I got over the initial shock, I'd probably grill him with questions and then beg him to let me fly away with him and his reindeer.

M.F. Of course Santa exists! Who else would I have been talking about? What are you trying to tell me... ;-)

If that's got you interested in the very lovely Red, you can find her at her blog, facebook page, or twitter.

This Brilliant Darkness is available to buy from Amazon .

When an ancient, troubled entity identifies quirky Christine Grace as his latest threat, all hell breaks loose in the urban forest of Indiana University's Dunn Woods. Will Christine piece together his destructive plan in time to save herself? And what exactly is going on with this peculiar star, Stella Mirabilis?

This fast-paced story moves quickly from character to character, through the headspace of not just Christine and the monster Greachin, but also to Tom, her devoted boyfriend, and Richard, an aging physicist interested in the time-traveling star overhead, and others. Along the way, singing street people, cosplaying environmental activists, and heaven-sent beings come to populate the unique cityscape of Bloomington, IN, where encountering the bizarre is an everyday experience.

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  1. Two of my favorite ladies on the same post; I like it!
    Thanks for the fun interview, M. *waves to Red*