Sunday 12 December 2010

Twelve Days Till Christmas!

I am still shocked at where this year has gone and how much has happened.

This time last year was a weird time. I was six months pregnant, still living in Spain, and had a husband who was flying back and forth from England to Spain, trying to find work.

It was a hard time. We were broke, pregnant, and didn't even know which country we were going to be living in to have the baby. Last year Christmas was kind of just a formality we had to go through for the rest of our family.

This year, I'm happy to say, is looking like a lot more fun. We're settled (ish), have a new addition to the family, and have careers that are coming on leaps and bounds for both of us. We actually have something to celebrate this year! The whole family is coming for Christmas day and I'm looking forward to having the sort of big, family Christmas I dreamt of as a child.

We've got our tree up now and I've done the vast majority of the present shopping. I'm quickly running out of places to hide things, especially as my three-year old has the eyes of a hawk and seems to have some sort of sixth sense about when ever I stash something in a cupboard or under the bed...'mummy, what's in that bag!'

We've also opted out of having the traditional turkey this year and are going for goose instead. I've never actually cooked a goose, so there is a good chance my images of the perfect family Christmas could go down the pan if I make a hash of it!

So how are your Christmas preparations going? Are you all sorted and feeling smug? Or are you running around in a mad flap, wondering, like me, where the hell the time has gone?


  1. Good morning/good day, my friend. Everything that you have planned sounds wonderful and I know that it will be great, no matter what. It's all about family, isn't it?
    Thankfully, my schedule has calmed a bit. Gaynor has my second novel and now I can focus on getting those strands of lights that recently went out on my tree repaired, get my snow globe set up out front, and get those darn lights up on the house. This is what I will be doing today, but that's okay. I know my cat won't like the huge decoration on the patio in front of his second favorite window. Too bad! Ha!
    P.S.: I haven't forgotten about your/our blog. With any luck I'll be off two weeks at Christmas and should have plenty of time to see something worth reviewing.
    Talk to you soon,

  2. Christmas? It's Christmas time? W...w-what, where, how ...
    I will admit to being aware that it is December, lol, but as to the rest, I'm stammering and staring in stupified shock every time my 9 yr. old daughter feels the need to run into my office to inform me that it is 16 days until Christmas! Then, it's 15 days until Christmas, etc. I've refrained from telling her these announcements bring on heart palpitations and a cold sweat! :)

    I have about four presents, none are wrapped, and the tree is up-that's all I can manage at the moment. My focus is on the release of my first book and, while I'm really, really happy I am to be published, three days before Christmas is so not the best time for a release!
    LOL, not going to look a gift horse in the mouth though :). Looks like I'll be scrambling through stores on Christmas Eve along with all the frantic men muttering, "what would my mother-in-law like?"
    So happy that your family's life is on the upswing- always a thrill when we start seeing public support for our work after all those years of story scribbling, isn't it?

    Have a Happy Christmas and I'm looking forward to some blog posts (and pics!) of Devon!