Tuesday 9 November 2010

Another Anthology Acceptance!

Yay! It seems I am on a roll!

I’ve just found out I’ve had my short story, After The Revelation, has been accepted by Pill Hill Press.

The anthology it has been accepted for is called 2013: The Aftermath, and is based on the end of the world as we know it happening in 2012. The stories in it are about what happens to the survivors after.

I loved writing the story and so easily could have developed it into a novel. I may even consider doing just that once the rights for the story are up.

This new acceptance has made me feel even less enthusiastic about my NaNo project. I’m now at 13,500 words, but I’m struggling and it feels like an effort. I can’t help but wonder if it is the story, but I hate to give up on anything, and I’ve not yet stared a novel I haven’t finished! I’m currently using my regular writing as motivation to hit my word count goals for my NaNo project. Sad, huh?

How are your Nano novels going? Anyone else struggling or is everyone else loving it?!!!


  1. Congratulations on the short story!! I look forward to reading it.
    I downloaded Alone yesterday. I'm having trouble transferring the file to my Kindle, but I'll get it worked out.
    Oh, I'm interviewing Rebecca Lynn tomorrow on my blog. If you get a chance stop by.

  2. Congratulations! SOunds like it will be a good novel...maybe you could switch to that?
    I am struggling a bit this year too. I am getting in daily writing, but its definitely starting to be forced. I know it's my story, because its a genre I am not used to, and I am not sure I like what I have, but I am determined to finish! good luck to you
    (Here from NaNoBloggers, btw :)