Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Social networking…again!

I’ve been reading up about social marketing. Boy, do I have a lot to learn. I think I’ve got one thing sussed and then something else pops up. It’s like this whole wide world of making contact with people suddenly opens up and I have this whole ‘oh-my god, that’s how it’s supposed to be done’ moment.

So my latest ‘eyes-wide-open’ moment has come from my facebook page. Like twitter, I set it up a long time ago and then completely failed to use it! I then read about how to use it properly through BookBuzzr (who I found on twitter). They gave a pretty easy to read, basic idea about how to set up a facebook fan page (you can read it here!) and so I thought I would give it a go.  I was amazed when I had 55 ‘likes’ in the first twenty-four hours! I’ve made contact with a whole heap of people I never would have before, and so I am very grateful that I came across the site.

I’ve learnt a lot in the past year and I am sure I still have a whole world of information I still need to find out.

But in the meantime I will do my best with what I’ve got, and I will continue to read and research and learn. If you want to stop by my facebook page the link is www.facebook.com/marissa.farrar.author. I am currently giving away a free copy of Alone to say thanks for all the support I have had over there, so if you want to stop by and you fancy leaving me a comment then you will be in to win. I am announcing the winner via the facebook page tomorrow morning.

And if there is anyone out there who is looking for support or a friend for their facebook page, twitter, blog, etc, then don’t be afraid to ask for a follow!

Happy social networking everyone!

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  1. network network network!!!

    if only i had an activated facebook page... sigh...