Wednesday 23 March 2011

20 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me...

I saw someone on twitter doing this and it looked like fun, so here goes!

1.) I have four tattoos and plan to have more (sorry mum!).

2.) I’m an advanced Padi scuba diver.

3.) I’ve hiked a glacier in New Zealand.

4.) I have a phobia of Daddy-long-legs (Crane-flies).

5.) I could eat Asian food every day of the week.

6.) I once ran a small catering company.

7.) I make pretty damn good cakes. 

8.) Though I act hard, at heart I’m a total romantic.

9.) I would love to have another child one day (shhh, don’t tell my husband!).

10.) I miss my cats

11.) I love the gym but hate regular exercise.

12.) I love going to concerts, but haven't been able to go since having the kids. Boo.

13.) Bugs love me. If something in my vicinity bites, it will get me!

14.) I have a degree in Zoology and a diploma in Pharmaceuticals.

15.) I once wanted to be a forensic pathologist (until I realised I had to become a doctor first! Dealing with live patients...gross!)

16.) I love crappy drama television; Greys Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, House. Brilliant!

17.) I probably drink waaaaay too much, but put it under the ‘artistic type’ file.

18.) My husband is also my best friend.

19.) I dream of having houses all over the world, but not big expensive ones. Just shacks by the beach in places like Bali, Thailand, and India.

20.) I used to have five piercings (not including my ears!).

So there you have it. Got anything interesting people probably wouldn't know about you? Please share!


  1. Wellllllllllllllllll, I know now. Four tattoes is enough for anyone. You do make pretty damm good cakes. Miss the cats - have them back! Shack on the beach in Bali etc. Have you not heard of Tsunamis!! Another child, don´t tell your husband, more like don´t tell your Mother! You will have to wait until you are rich and famous.

  2. Yes, being rich would be good! Not so keen on the famous part!
    And I don't think you can worry too much about things like Tsumanis. Half of the world is flooding, freezing or shaking. If you worried about it too much, you'd never leave the house!

  3. Well done! I'm impressed with the dive stuff, the hiking, and the multiple glorious shack fantasies.

    Oh, and the piercings... now, where exactly were they? ;-)