Monday 24 January 2011

Some reviews for The Dark Road!

The Blog Tour de Force is still going on and has been a resounding success so far (and we're only half way through!). For me one of the best parts of the tour has been having so much support from our sponsor sites and from the other authors on the tour.

Because of this I would like to share with you some of the fantastic reviews The Dark Road has been getting:

Thrillers Rock!

'First couple of things about this novel. One, it's a lightning fast read. It's a hundred and fifty-two pages that simply fly past. Two, it only costs $5. That's not much of a risk--you can barely get lunch for five dollars.

That said, there's enough mystery, mayhem, twists and turns to keep you thriller fans happy, while those of you who don't typically feel the need for speed will love the detailed descriptions of exotic locales. There is definitely sense of verisimilitude as you read Farrar's words that evoke sight, sound and smell with seeming ease. The dark story of the dark road has the power to keep you up at night with your heart in your throat.'

The Scribe's Desk

'Hair raising and ominous come to mind just reading about this author’s actual journey through Thailand to Cambodia. I got the shivers just reading the recounting of her storm ridden night time bus ride. Luckily for us, this is the journey that got her imaginative author’s mind a whirring and hence The Dark Road was born! I mean, can you imagine being on a nocturnal journey far away from home with something terrifying and supernatural chasing after you wanting to drain you of your life’s blood? Good gosh! Scary indeed! You need to read The Dark Road or you will be missing out on an adventure and a half!'


"The Dark Road," a very intense and entertaining read.
I can speak from experience that I found this story to be a lot of fun, however I have to disagree with the one comment I read a lot from various sources. They're saying this is a quick read. That's not what Farrar has written here. She has filled in so much detail on her characters' trek through the seedy elements of Cambodia that the story is told with a more deliberate pace, and that's just what is needed here. Reading it made me think of moments from Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" or Coppola's "Apocalypse Now." I recommend Marissa's eBook...

The Pen & Muse

Want to get on a thrill ride with a bit of paranormal, fantasy and horror? Then look no further than Marissa Farrar’s The Dark Road! This book is an on edge horror and suspense ride and it’s one you won’t want to miss. I really enjoyed this book, the characters, the plot, its one of those stories that you grow to love because you are on the journey with the characters. As the reader, you become their eyes and ears of the characters, exploring with them and plot, dialogue flowed naturally. You can even at points sympathize and relate to these characters.
After reading the book courtesy of IBC’s Tour de Force , I ventured to the author’s website where I learned the book came to her as she traveled. If it’s one thing that I love about authors, being one myself is the amount of ideas and visions we get from our own experiences. Farrar has traveled far and wide and after reading the book, I know now why the visions for this book were so clear and crisp.
Farrar is an author to watch out for as with her travels, I expect to see more books come into fruition. Go and catch The Dark Road!

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  1. YAY MARISSA YOU ROCK THESE REVIEWS!!! Way to go girl, in the horror genre too!