Thursday 19 May 2016

Cover Reveal! No Second Chances - A Stand Alone, Contemporary Romance Novel!

I'm super excited to be showing off the cover for my brand new book, 'No Second Chances' which will be out on the 26th of July! I'm absolutely loving writing it at the moment - the words are flowing, and my sweet, sexy, damaged characters, Gabi and Cole, are essentially writing the book themselves. This is an author's happy place, where it feels like the story already exists and the characters are just using me as a conduit to tell it. 

Anyway, take a look at the fabulous cover, done by Karri, at Art by Karri. I love it, and I hope you do, too!

Here's the blurb:


When I was seventeen years old, I was told to stay away from Cole Devonport. Kids like him only ever meant trouble. I should have listened, but I didn’t, and surprise, surprise, I was the one who got hurt. But escaping Cole didn’t mean the end of my pain. Life has a way of screwing me over, and after joining the Army as a way of forgetting him, I suffered a loss I’ll never recover from.
So now here I am, back in the town I ran away from, with my alcoholic father apparently looking after me.
The last thing I need is Cole showing up on my doorstep because nothing has changed—with his prison tattoos and don’t-screw-with-me edge, Cole Devonport still means trouble...


I let everyone down all those years ago. I made mistakes and I’m not proud of them, but I’ve done my time and now I just want to keep my head down and get on with my life. I thought I was doing exactly that until I heard Gabriella Weston was back in town.
Despite what she thought, I was always in love with her. She might hate me, but whether she knows it or not, she also needs me.
I want to make it up to her, but with my past still trying to pull me down, perhaps it would be best if I just stayed the hell away like she keeps telling me to. Problem is, I can’t seem to resist her, and I’m the type of guy who always gets what he wants...

‘No Second Chances’ is a stand-alone, second chance, contemporary romance. It is a full length novel with no cliff-hanger!

The book is already up for pre-order at the following places!

May has been a busy month, to say the least! The third book in my 'Monster' trilogy is currently up for pre-order, and will be released on the 30th, which I'm really excited about. I hope you all love the final instalment of the trilogy!

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