Wednesday 6 April 2016

Wolf Pack Run! #99cent #deals and #giftcard #giveaway!

Wolf Pack Run! 99 cent Sales and Gift Cards!

The Wolf Pack authors have put together a whole heap of new 99 cent shifter deals, which are valid for the next couple of days only, together with a special giveaway which is at the bottom of this newsletter!

This is the first Wolf Pack run I've been involved with, so I'm really excited to be working with this amazing group of authors. The organisation which goes into putting something like this together is extraordinary, so I hope you'll have a scroll through and see if there are any books which catch your eye!

Please check prices before purchasing as they can be subject to change!
Reduced from $3.99 to only $0.99! An army of shifters take on Chicago's military in a fight for freedom in 'Autumn's War', book four in the Spirit Shifters series. 
His wolf is too wild to be tamed, but she has nothing left to lose
11 wickedly delicious paranormal romances and mysteries: escape into the paranormal with this wide variety of tantilizing tales of the supernatural.

Shiftr: Swipe Left for Love (Timo)

Some mistakes can literally come back to bite you.

"Paranormal elements and shifters abound in this tragedy turned love story."

The arrogant alpha and the innocent bride:
a dash of space opera and plenty of steamy paranormal romance 

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Enter the World of the Dragon Guard…Forever be Changed.

amazon us   amazon uk   amazon au

Enter the World of the Dragon Guard…Forever be Changed.

amazon us   amazon uk   amazon au

When a bad boy werewolf gets out of prison, only a good girl can save him.

amazon us

One mistake may just ruin it all

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Can Harper accept the bad boy…fur, claws, fangs, and all?

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Can Braxton find the real killer before the Werewolf Assasins find him?

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Emmaline gets the surprise of her life when she finds out fated mates do exist


Menage - Sexy, scruffy baker bear shifters hook up with curvy BBW for double the growl!

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Getting her on board may not be the hard part, but keeping her around would be.

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These women won't run from a fight...or true love.

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He's back to claim his mate...

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He thinks she's his mate; she thinks he's batshit crazy.
The Dragons have been Unleased!

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Only her strength can save the Alpha
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Can a cougar really make a future with a wolf?

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Going from pack zero to pack hero can be a real killer.

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Between the thin line of love and hate you sometimes find what you desire most

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Thanks for reading, and good luck!

Marissa. XXX

Marissa Farrar
Marissa Farrar

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