Monday 5 March 2012

Read an eBook Week! Get Your Free Copy of 'Alone'!

I'm going to keep this one brief as I'm both swamped and exhausted after my weekend away at a writer's conference (not a good combination!).

This week is 'read an ebook week' over at Smashwords. If you head on over to the site, you'll find a  whole heap of ebooks either with discount codes or that are being offered for free!

My own novel, Alone, is currently FREE so click on the link here and grab it while you can. This offer will only continue for another week!


  1. Thanks for the free book marissa. Now go get some rest:)

  2. Thanks! I would love to say I'm all rested now but my toddler decided three a.m. was a good time to wake up... *yawns*