Tuesday 28 June 2011

A Sweet Tale of Motherhood...

I just wanted to share this lovely tale by P.K. Hrezo over at her blog.

Being a parent and trying to write always throws up it's problems. For me personally, my brain often feels as if it's full of Swiss cheese holes (my own four-year old is often found saying 'you always forget things, don't you Mummy?'). I think when half your head is always living in an imaginary world, it's hard to live fully in one or the other!

Anyway, pop over and have a read of P.K.'s great story about how she almost fluffed her son's tooth fairy visit. It's great proof of how having an overactive imagination doesn't always have to be a bad thing!


  1. She pulled it off! Good for her. Charming story.


  2. Very cute. Thanks for pointing us her way.

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