Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Review – Bitten (2008)

Bitten A paramedic, Jack, rescues a woman, Danika left for dead after a deadly assault. When she refuses to go to the hospital, he takes her in, nurses her back to health and soon falls in love with her. Before long he discovers that this mysterious woman has been turned into a vampire, and chaos ensues as she needs to feed. While Jack struggles to find ways to satisfy her hunger, while not getting too many people killed, he tries to avoid getting both himself and everyone he knows killed!

I found this movie quite late at night, while I was flicking between my four-hundred or so channels, desperate for something to watch!

For a  low budget, B-movie, it was actually quite enjoyable. It takes into account all of the problems one would encounter when falling in love with a vampire. Yes, they may be hot, yes, they may want to be with you forever, but when it comes down to it things are not going to be smooth sailing.For example, when your ex-girlfriend calls around, only to find the hot new girlfriend wearing her clothes, the ensuing argument is never going to end well for the ex!

Also a problem is that the vampire finds that feeding and sex coincide – which again is always going to cause problems in the bedroom!

The movie was obviously made for a male audience, but I still enjoyed it for what it was. Some of it is pretty funny, and its definitely a black, but humorous take on the recent surge of human/vampire relationships. I wouldn’t say rush out and get the DVD, but if you are a teenaged boy who likes vampires,(or you are really desperate for something to watch) you will probably love this movie! 

Something Wicked, 5.5/10


  1. This film would be on my guilty pleasures list Marissa. I have been a closet fan of Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith) since I watched Mallrats many years ago. Dogma, I think is my favourite, which like Mallrats was directed by Smith. Bitten, I felt, lacked some of the youthful charm of Mewes earlier roles, but when compared with films like Rise and Dracula 3000 Bitten is by far the most credible film.

    Having recently watched some of the films on The Horror Channel, Bitten starts to grow on me having been stupid enough to sit through Bikini Girls on Ice. I think if Bitten had had a bigger bugget and more belief in itself it could have been a classic vampire movie.

  2. Ah, yes, guilty pleasures...
    My current love of The Vampire Diaries would fall into that category (but that's a whole other blog post).
    You're right, it could have been a really good movie, cause the basic idea was there. I think if they'd concentrated a little less on the half-naked women side of the film, and a bit more on the acting, it would have been great!
    I think I might have to draw the line at Bikini Girls on Ice. LOL!

  3. Or Naked Bikini Girls on Ice. LOL

  4. No Bikini Girls on Ice isn't a classic, but other night I was watching a Mexican wrestling zombie movie I wish I could remember the title. I have a sad taste for low things, but such is life.

    Bitten should have been a good movie, but it need to be darker and the humour missed the mark nine times out of ten. Jason Mewes performace lacked too, now if it had been Jay and Silent Bob I think it would have made for a better comedy with moments of utter blackness.

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