Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Gratuitous excuse to post lots of hot vamp pictures…YouGov Survey!

Now, I may be wrong in thinking this, but while I am a huge vampire fan (obviously) and am happy to hear of all things that promote the undead, I was amazed and a little mystified to see that Yougov had done a survey to find out who our favourite vampires are!  But there you go…

angel So who were our favourites?  Surprisingly enough Robert Pattison was not on the top of the list - hurrah!  Instead this position fell to David Boreanaz's, Angel.  Coming in second place was Brad Pitt playing Louis in Interview with the Vampire, and then Edward Cullen came in third.louis

Finally, proof that the general public do have a brain (or maybe it was  just that all of the women who edward filled in the survey were over thirty!).

Personally, at the moment, my vote would have to go to Eric in ericTrue Blood played by Alexander Skarsgård.  Hubba-hubba!  I’ve just finished watching season two of True Blood and every time he comes on screen I have to stop myself saying something very  inappropriate (as my husband is sitting right next to me).  If you want to know more about what I thought of season two, head on over to the Something Wicked blog.


  1. Wait -- David from Lost Boys didn't make it on the list???!!! Who could resist the platinum mullet?!?!?!!? ;-)

  2. I've yet to see True Blood--but am promised a copy to watch for my own hopefully soon.

    As a rule I go for the dark, mysterious, brooding guys. Yet, in real life I married a blond blue-eyed snuggle hunk of Sweedish descent.

    Go figure.

    So, All Ive ever seen of "Eric" is pictures. I'm awaiting to see this guy in action. I will hold out on comment until then.

    Thanks for your comment today, Marrisa. I needed that!

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