Sunday, 13 June 2010

My Top Ten Horror Films….

1.) Jacobs Ladder

The main character, played by the awesome Tim Robbins, is a traumatised Vietnam vet who is suddenly stalked by demons once he returns to his ‘normal life’. He has such a jacobs ladder tortured soul it is impossible not to feel his pain. The terror and confusion he goes through is extreme, but it is also believable, partly because Tim Robbins is such a great actor, but also because it is a great script. Also the head shaking ‘demons’ are seriously scary and there is a scene where he is in a hospital that has got to be the most disturbing scene ever. The movie keeps you guessing the whole way and has one of the best twists in horror movie history. It has got my number one spot because I replayed some of the scenes in my head so many times after watching it that I just had to see it again…and again…and again.

2.) The Changeling (1980)

It is a simple story line where a recently bereaved man moves into a haunted house. It is a well-used formula, but this movie is so subtle it cannot fail to chill. There is a part where the main character has thrown a child’s ball into a river across town, but when he gets back to the house he opens the front door to see the same ball, soaking wet, slowly bouncing down the stairs towards him. I’m getting chills just thinking about it. It is the creepiest moment in horror as far as I am concerned and there isn’t a bloody or gory moment in sight,

3.) Nightmare on Elm Street.

I watched this movie as a youngster when a babysitter watched it while ‘looking after’ me and my younger brother. It is a classic that needs no explanation. Let’s just say it is enough to stop anyone sleeping.


Those Japanese come up with some scary shit and I wish I could just group them all together under one entry! I am a huge fan of the Japanese remakes (Shutter, The Eye, The Grudge) - though I first watched the Japanese version of ‘The Ring’, which is also excellent.

5.) The Shining

You will never be able to look at a hotel in the same way again after watching this one, and I have never been able to force myself to go through a maze (much to my husbands annoyance). Although Stephen King hated this version of his book as it focused more on the hotel being haunted than the man, Jack Nicholson is fantastic playing the father none of us would want to have.

panslab 6.) Pans Labyrinth

I have blogged about this movie before. Beautifully filmed and directed, it is the story of a young girl in wartime Spain who escapes into a seriously scary fantasy world. It is as sad as it is scary.

7.) The Exorcist.

I had to put this movie in the top ten, though I debated where. I don’t know if it is the comedy aspect of this movie, but it didn’t affect me the way it seems to have most. Apparently when it was first released people ran screaming from the movie –theatres. Now that I would have liked to have seen!

8.) Silent Hill.

I just love this movie. Eerie as hell, the soot from the coal fires burning beneath ground falls like snow and it has one of the creepiest sound tracks ever.images111

9.) Hell Raiser

Made on a small budget, it is another one of those movies from my ‘childhood’ that stayed with me.

10.) The Sixth Sense

I know some horror connoisseurs will balk at this movie being included, but I had to put it because of the sheer number of times I have seen it. I still find the ghosts scary. They seem real to me – exactly how I think ghosts would appear if I could see them.

These are all movies that have left me thinking.

What are your favourite horror movies? Are there any I have missed out on, or are there any I have included that have you shaking your head in dismay?


  1. Hey, my friend. Well I have only seen about half of what you listed. Guess I have some catching up to do, right? I respect your opinion on The Exorcist, although that thing stays with me forever. Carole Gill posted on the subject this morning. I love the first Halloween, the first couple of Friday the 13ths and certainly the first Nightmare on Elm Street. I haven't seen any of the remakes in any of those-probably because I'm in my 40's now-and my heart can't take it anymore. LOL! And lastly, thanks for mentioning Mr. Barker's "Hellraiser". My favorite line is when Pinhead warns, "Your suffering will be legendary...even in Hell!"
    Thanks for the list. If I can find in what box I packed my courage, perhaps I'll try and watch a few of the others. ;)

  2. Marissa -- you got some good ones on here -- The Exorcist is one of the creepiest I have seen -- I watched it once like 15 years ago and haven't seen it since!! BTW, I dated a guy whose aunt dated Jason Miller (Father Karras). Yeah, I was thatclose!!

    Stay tuned and I'll post my top 10 on Wednesday!!

  3. James - you need to set some time aside and get your arse down to the video shop! You have missed out on some amazing films!
    Nicole - I will look forward to seeing your top ten. Maybe you'll give me some ideas about what to watch this w/end!

  4. Marissa

    of the ones you've listed I'd rate Jacob's Ladder and Pan's Labyrinth as two of the best, without a doubt.

    The wonderous thing about Pan's Labyrinth (and I have to admit that I love Del Toro's work generally) is that the horror is not within the 'fantasy' sections but the real world horror of fascism.

  5. Taliesin - I have just ordered Del Toro's 'Strain'. I am hoping his books live up to his films!

  6. Marissa, I enjoyed it (with a couple of reservations). The review is over at mine but read it after you've read the book yourself.

    Bizarrely (and I had forgotten this) I actually mention Jacob's Ladder in the review.

  7. Marissa -
    We just watched Jacob's Ladder a couple nights ago. It is on the top of my list with Pan's Labrynth.

    You have great taste in movies!