Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Vampire Diaries.

about I’m quite enjoying The Vampire Diaries at the moment.  I’ve missed most of the series, as there is no way my husband would ever sit through it.  Now my hubby has to go to bed early because of his new job so it is quickly turning into one of my guilty pleasures.

The guys in it are hot and even though they are back to the old ‘twilight’ version of vamps at high school, at least they turn into decently scary vampires when they are angry.

However, I am starting to wonder how many times they can get the equally beautiful human girl to fall over in the woods at night time?  Every time she some how manages to cut herself and of course the vampire has some kind of reaction.  In my mind anyone that clumsy should stay away from the great outdoors.

Also the vampires seem to be wandering around in the daylight again.  I think you can bend some of the ‘vampire rules’, but some of them just have to be adhered to:

1.) Vampires need to drink blood to survive.

2.) Vampires are harmed by daylight.

3.) They are technically dead.

Anything else just isn’t a vampire.

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  1. In this one they have a magic ring Marissa so they can go out in the sunlight and they do drink blood only Stefan is girlie vamp in this series. I'm just about to start reading the novels for Paranormal Reading Challenge and everyone says the novels are different. We are watching the series as a family and my husband can just about sit through it.