Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Silent Hill and Life in general...


I caught the start of Silent Hill last night. I desperately wanted to stay up and watch it, but knowing the baby would be up in a few hours I decided it wasn't such a good idea. Even so, just seeing the first half-an-hour reminded what an absolutely brilliant movie it is. All too often I find myself reviewing mediocre movies, so I thought, what the hell, I'll tell you all about a great one this time!

Silent Hill is set in an abandoned town where coal fires are burning underground so that ash falls from the sky like snow. The main character is taking her adopted eight-year-old daughter back to Silent Hill in the hope it will shed some light on her daughters sleepwalking and other strange behaviour (her daughter talks about Silent Hill in her dreams). As soon as she passes into the town her car skids off the road and when she wakes up her daughter is missing. Her search for her daughter leads her into the town and encountering some truly terrifying creatures. images112

The movie is atmospheric and eerie, and the sound track that plays through out the movie - like a giant industrial monster - only adds to the suspense. Silent Hill had been described as a zombie movie, but it is so much more than that. I find it hard to think of the monsters that haunt the town as zombies - more disfigured creatures that would haunt any nightmare.

If anyone wants to see a brilliantly crafted horror and they haven't seen Silent Hill I would highly recommend it.

Life-wise things are settling down for me now and I am slowly falling back into a normal routine. I am getting back into my  writing routine of a glass of wine and my laptop late at night after hubby has gone to bed. It is my favourite time of the day! I always feel better about my life when I have a novel I am making progress on and am enjoying writing. I've put a little gadget up in the right hand corner so you can track the progress of my next novel, Buried. There is nothing like having it all on show to get you motivated!

Next week a new blog is being launched, all about writing.  I am honoured to have been asked to contribute towards it. Its great getting to know other writers and it still amazes me that I seem to have more contact with my 'blogosphere' friends than many of my regular ones! I always wanted a 'pen-pal' when I was a child, and now it seems I have lots of them!


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