Monday, 24 May 2010

Glory of a British summer…

beaches Oh boy it’s hot!

You’ve just got to love the British summer.  We only get about six weeks of decent sunshine (if we’re lucky!) so we always try to make the most of it.   At the weekend people head in droves to the local parks or beaches.  Even more people head to the old favourite – the beer garden!

There are lots of people out there wearing far too little.  Everywhere I look there are pasty men with their shirts off and their white stick-legs poking out the bottom of their shorts.  Almost as bad are the dumpy girls who really shouldn’t be showing those thighs in their extremely short skirts. Miaow…

But at least they are enjoying themselves!

When I was in Spain it was always hot so everyone hid away from the sunshine.  Often we wouldn’t leave the house between ten in the morning and six in the evening, and the Spanish are exactly the same. The good thing is that the houses are designed for summers – the rooms all have fans or aircon, and the windows have shutters that block out every ray of sunshine and so keep the house cool.

Here in England the houses are designed to stay warm and so when its hot outside its really hot inside.  The kids are struggling with the heat, but they love all of the trips out.  Everyone I know seems to be having a party and the air is constantly filled with the amazing smell of barbeques.

Our summers may be short, but at least we make the most of them!

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  1. Good for you, Marissa. For me, I keep my mouth shut during the winter, where we get fog and near freezing conditions overnight, because I know that the searing Central Californian valley heat will sit in the high 90's to 110 degrees fahrenheit. This is usually from late June all the way until October. Okay, maybe it's only in the 90's during October, but it sure feels worse than that! By then, we can't wait for cold weather!!! Bring it on!
    Take care and thanks for posting.