Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Review: Paranormal Activity – worth the hype?

AHAMX4OCACHVD3DCABT54JYCAOMDC7HCAOP2E2TCAGXE280CA7NY2O9CA918T6ACAU1377HCAXU0YOWCAAG99PRCAGBI2IVCAJZVVO5CATX8ZG8CASWX2X3CA8AN0P8CAQC5LFICAXZJPLHCAHUK4DX My absolute favourite type of horror movie are ones involving ghosts.  It is probably because I find them to be so much more believable than slasher-type horror.  I am a total believer in ghosts so the idea that this could actually happen always makes the movie more realistic.  When I heard about Paranormal Activity I could have jumped up and down for joy – it sounded like my perfect horror film.  Hyped up as the ‘one of the scariest horror film ever made’ I was intrigued.

Paranormal Activity is filmed in a ‘Blair Witch type’ style and credits at the start of the movie thank the police force for releasing the footage and the family’s of the ‘victims’.  All of this is done to increase the realism of the footage.

The story is centred around young couple Micah and Katie.  Micah has taken it upon himself to get a huge camera and try to catch the ‘paranormal activity’ that Katie is experiencing.

Within minutes I found Micah to be supremely annoying.  He spends most of his time following Katie around making jokes about either her ‘ghosts’ or her taking her clothes off for him.

A spiritualist soon turns up and we find out that the the ‘ghost’ has been following Katie around for most of her life.  He tells Katie that it is not a ghost but a demon (bummer) and gives her the number for someone else who may be able to help them, but Micah won’t allow Katie to call him (?).

For the next half an hour very little else happens.  Their bedroom door moves about an inch during the night ( who sleeps with their bedroom door wide open anyway?) and that is about it.

Don’t get me wrong - I like subtle, but there is a difference between subtle and just plain boring.

Things do start to pick up, but the viewer still has to put up with increasingly annoying Micah. He decides to use a Ouija board despite being told by both Katie and the spiritualist NOT to try to contact the demon. He also refuses to allow Katie to call the demonologist and generally just wanders around either shouting at the demon or taking the piss out of Katie.  Now if that had been my boyfriend I’d have quite happily left him by now and dealt with the demon on my own.  After all, apparently the demon has been following her around since she was eight and other than frightening her had never done her any harm.  Quite clearly it is Micah who is really pissing it off.  Oh, and to really make Katie feel better he shows her a bit of video footage he finds on the Internet about a woman who had exactly the same thing happen to her and shows her chewing her own arm off. Nice.

Saying that the movie wasn’t a complete waste of time. There were some really creepy moments caught on camera, such as the bed sheets moving while the couple are in bed, some weird night time behaviour by Katie, and then there were the footprints beside the bed.  But other than that there was too much going on off camera.

I enjoyed the film and probably would have thought more of it if it was just something I had stumbled across in the video store.  As it was there was too much hype surrounding the movie and it just didn’t live up to its trailer.  It’s the worst kind of disappointment because the producers could have done so much more with the movie.

Overall I give Paranormal Activity a 6.5/10.

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  1. Hey Nicole ~ "Learning you" is becoming a cool vapor trail in itself today, since 'meeting' your writing at Erin Cole's smash interview over at Listen to the Voices. -- I'm in sync with you on ghosts and paranormal action (and psychic vibes) being the real realities -- should be an app for that by now.

    Felt this post the best place to make my premiere commentary as a poke around ... sure like your style.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate, welcoming you in AT THE BIJOU ... honoured the more if you'd chapter or verse us when the voice inside really tells you how much we'd damn enjoy it

  2. Yikes ... I just left an "agreeing with you" affirmation for Nicole who I became more aware of over at Erin Cole's enlightening interview at Listen to the Voices ... and discovered twas you, Marissa who wrote this posting -- Well ... mea culpa and I still believe with you in the paranormal, supernatural and ghosting of chance and reason.

    Congrats on new babe Amelie May - lovely name ... savour all days of joie de vivre.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate,
    inviting you too to come on in our double mahogany doors AT THE BIJOU ~ Writers' Raves for Readers' Faves

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